Ninjalerts App Just Dropped v3 and Now Offers Built-In ‘Wash Trading Detection’ Feature

    Ninjalerts v3
    Photo Courtesy of Ninjalerts

    Named by nft now as “one of the seven most powerful tools” for tracking NFT collectors and trades, Ninjalerts, the software app for traders that tracks the trading behavior of Ethereum wallets held by top traders, A-list celebrities, and industry KOL’s just launched its biggest software release to date – Ninjalerts v3, which now offers multiple feeds and better alert management features for both its web platform and mobile apps on iOS and Android.

    What is ‘Ninjalerts?’


    The Ninjalerts mobile app first went viral on Twitter in November 2022 during the Art Gobblers controversy, acting as an alert signal for users in detecting influencers who were ‘dumping’ the  NFT project by utilizing the app’s smart algorithm to analyze all wallets on the Ethereum blockchain looking for those making the most profit trading NFTs. 

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    Launched by co-founders Trevor Owens (aka @TO on Twitter), Max Savin, and Sihoon Kim in October 2021, Ninjalerts initially began as a ‘weekend project’ that brought together their shared interest in Web3 market use cases and blockchain data insights. 


    The result of that collaboration led to the creation of a mobile and web application that could send real-time push notifications whenever a tracked Ethereum wallet buys, mints, and/or sells digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs.


    NFT trading can be confusing and overwhelming, with traders often falling prey to scams or missing out on significant market developments. Ninjalerts v3 simplifies NFT trading and empowers users to stay informed about the market,” said Trevor Owens, CEO and co-founder of Ninjalerts.


    While the majority of Ninjalerts’ funding comes from internal revenue and the founders themselves, which Owens says reflects their firm belief in value and the long-term potential of Ninjalerts, the company also received $150,000 in venture capital funding from Artesian and SOSV. 


    In the application’s first 30 days of inception, Ninjalerts boasted a Discord community of 60,000 users. Since its inception, Ninjalerts has sent more than 23.5 million alerts to over 12,900 connected devices, boasting a monthly retention rate of over 90 percent.

    Exploring the ‘v3’ Update – P&L and ‘Wash Trading’ Detection

    The core of v3, which officially dropped on Wednesday, now offers users detailed wallet Profit & Loss (P&L) statements for every tracked wallet, in addition to automatically surfacing the top 1,000 profitable wallets each week/month/quarter while illustrating the hold time and profit on individual sales. 


    Additionally, the software’s now built-in ‘wash trading’ detection is powered by popular algorithms and manual inspection, adding an additional layer of safety and transparency for its users when analyzing why certain traders are interacting with particular assets and NFT-centric projects.


    The updated platform also allows users the ability to more easily track multiple wallets without having to navigate between and among different tabs and screens to monitor wallet activities. 


    And whenever a tracked wallet executes a transaction for purposes of responding promptly to market volatility, users will receive automatic alerts in real-time.


    The software currently has a directory of wallets that belong to leading social media influencers, including A-list talent including, but not limited to Steve Aoki, Paris Hilton, Mark Cuban, Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and more, while some of the NFT market’s most followed KOL’s include: Pranksy, Gmoney, Dingaling, Zeneca, kmoney, Farokh, Pio.eth, NFTNick.eth, and more.


    In addition to the Ninjalerts app, we foster a thriving alpha community on Discord, and through our Youtube and Twitter Spaces, provide educational content for new traders. Notably, we called out the Bitcoin Ordinals project as a recommended trade before the first 1,000 Inscriptions were made,” Owens states.


    Since Wednesday, the community feedback on Ninjalerts’ latest software launch seems to be very positive and promising for the future of the app, as well as for industry traders who want transparency when it comes to making investment decisions in these types of NFT projects.

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