Nine Chronicles announces the launch of their PFP NFT project

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Nine Chronicles, a fully decentralized role-playing fantasy game based on Norse Mythology, has announced the launch of its PFP NFT project called D:CC (De:Centralized Cat). The project is part of Nine Chronicle’s plan to give users an altered identity in their multiverse where players can immerse themselves in the game’s rich storyline.

PFPs, which refer to profile pictures, are designed as NFTs that give users a unique appearance. The D:CC issued NFTs also give users membership into the realm where they can enjoy exclusive rewards and access to in-game items, among other perks.

The D:CC is a secret society within the Nine Chronicles universe that envisions a world where all living creatures venerate the Cat. The PFP NFT project will help shape and fuel the development of Nine Chronicles world as it gives users a chance to be part of an experience that is much more than just another game or NFT project.

What makes the project unique?

Nine Chronicle’s D: CC issued NFTs are designed in the image of the Cosmic Cat God that decentralized itself, and unlike most NFT projects, Nine Chronicle’s PFPs are not just digital art but also avatars with real value and meaning in the game.

This project marks the first NFT collection in a move that is set to add a feline flavor to the whole Nine Chronicles universe.

The PFP NFTs are not only unique in their design and function but also in the way they were created.  

Sangmi Seon (Caesty), Art Director of Nine Chronicles, has honed her craft leading Art Direction at top gaming companies like Nexon and Capcom, brings her dynamic and playful aesthetic to life.

Nine Chronicles plans to expand its IP and its community, thereby opening more doors for NFT projects in the future.

What’s the point of the whitelist?

Nine Chronicles will be initiating a whitelist program for its PFP NFT project where only a select number of participants will be able to mint their own NFTs.

The whitelist,  in the Nine Chronicles realm, is called the “Pionyan List,” with “Pionyan” standing for pioneering humans who will become ambassadors of the D:CC cause.

Before anyone is accepted into the list, they must first prove their loyalty to the Cat God. Players can do this by completing a set of tasks laid out by the Nine Chronicles team. These tasks include, but are not limited to, going past level 50 in Nine Chronicles, among other requirements revealed via their Medium, Discord, or social media channels.

There will be two rounds of whitelisted memberships, with the number of allocated spots set to be revealed consecutively.

Nine Chronicles: A brief introduction

Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play RPG game that had its initial release in 2020 and was published by Planetarium Labs, is an open-source gaming platform that aims to bring innovative gameplay and pioneer a new form of community-powered games.

At its core, Planetarium Labs enables a gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology and builds the tools needed for player-driven content and governance while also working with key studios to provide players with added Web3 gaming experiences.

Thanks to the company’s dedicated team, Planetarium Labs managed to attract $32 million in a Series A funding round early this year. The investment round was led by Animoca Brands Corp, which is a Hong Kong-based blockchain company that focuses on the development and publishing of Web3-based games such as The Sandbox.


The NFT space is maturing from its early beginnings as a speculative asset class to one that is now being used to create actual value and utility. From games to art, music, and even physical assets, NFTs are slowly but surely becoming integrated into our everyday lives.

With Nine Chronicles leading the way with its innovative PFP NFT project, we can only expect more amazing things to come out of the NFT space soon.

So far, Nine Chronicles is pushing the envelope in terms of the high quality of its NFTs and integrating utility and value tied to its game ecosystem, which is different from what is now common in the market. With a team that is hell-bent on providing its players and holders with the best comprehensive experience, Nine Chronicles is on track to imbue its NFTs with a powerful and clandestine value that is attached to the D:CC society.

This approach is sure to make them stand out in the NFT market, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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