Nigeria And Australia Have Become Very Crypto-Curious Countries In H1 2022


The year is 2022, and most of the world remains uneducated about cryptocurrencies. Although things have begun to improve, the crypto-curious crowd resides in countries one might not expect. It is good to see more people show an interest in Bitcoin and other assets, despite the recent lengthy bear market. 

Cryptocurrency Interest Hasn’t Diminished

When assets like bitcoin and ether bleed value and retrace most gains since the second-to-last all-time high, people lose interest in cryptocurrencies. Contrary to what some would like to see, these markets cannot go up in value indefinitely. Volatility is the name of the game, and there is plenty of FUD to counter every day. Many people get dissuaded from learning more about crypto during such periods, although a recent study by CoinGecko paints an interesting picture. 

Per the research, Nigeria will remain the most crypto-curious country in 2022. That is not entirely surprising, as Nigeria often comes up in Google Trends related to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. However, overall interest in cryptocurrency in the country has seemingly increased a fair bit since April 2022. Local residents regularly perform Google searches for “cryptocurrency”, “invest in crypto” and “buy crypto”. A healthy development, confirming Nigeria is a potentially massive market for Bitcoin. Surprisingly, there is strong interest in Solana, despite that network borking somewhat regularly.  

A second crypto-curious country is the United Arab Emirates. Not necessarily the region people would expect to see in these rankings, as the UAE is a thriving financial region. However, people may be slightly more familiar with cryptocurrencies, which can spark increased interest in Bitcoin and altcoins. Popular search trends in the region include “cryptocurrency” and “invest in crypto”. That indicates the UAE has a few good onramps to buy cryptocurrency. 

Last but not least, Singapore may play a significant role in the future of cryptocurrency. Many people have been searching for ways to “buy crypto”, even though the logical choice would be to search for “buy Bitcoin”. However, Singaporeans have a keen interest in Ethereum, which may be related to the upcoming merge for ETH 2.0. Ethereum is, along with Bitcoin and Polygon, trending in the UK as well since April 2022.

Australia Moves Up The Rankings

Although all the usual countries are in the top five, Australia’s rise is worth noting. It is a region where interest in “buy crypto” is very strong, and favoritism for Ethereum is far bigger than enthusiasm for Bitcoin. Moreover, Solana is far less of interest to crypto-curious Australia, rendering a more normalized result. It is good to see the country outrank Singapore and the UK for interest in investing in crypto.

Many people forget Australia is home to innovative solutions like Living Room of Satoshi. Unlike other parts of the world, paying bills with bitcoin or ether is a breeze. One can hope to see similar solutions come to other parts of the world soon, preferably as non-custodial solutions. Making cryptocurrency usable to pay for bills remains a top-tier use case but one that is tricky to implement. 

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