NFTS, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Currency: What to Expect in the Near Future


Cryptocurrencies have appeared in the main headlines more than once during the past few years. There was both positive and negative news related to crypto, but they mainly had to do with regulations and with significant drops in value. The public is still divided on this topic, and while some claim it can be a great solution for financial independence and stability, others regard it as a gamble. 

In truth, we do have professional gamblers, who are making a lot of money by playing casino games, and there are suggestions on how to use casinos in a way that can be beneficial. However, at the core, there is no 100% certainty with both casinos and cryptocurrencies. The difference is that cryptocurrencies do use promising technology that can be used in different ways. Here we will discuss what the future holds for blockchain NFTs and for digital currencies. This new tech is really closely related to gaming, so video games are also going to be explored throughout this topic. 

NFTs and Video Games

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that can be generated and sold to anyone who wishes to own them. Thanks to blockchain and smart contracts it is possible to determine who owns the rights to a particular digital asset, and it can be determined if someone without any rights to use them is using those same assets. In other words, it can be viewed like digital arts. Meaning artists can tokenize their art and add a certificate to it, which prevents others from accurately copying or duplicating his or her work.

The reason why NFTs are ideal features for games is that video games have a lot of collectibles and cosmetic items that players trade with one another. This can be used to make the experience more unique, and to make in-game goods more valuable.  

Online Games Will Become More and More in the NFT

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Today we have multiple NFT casinos and games that are in development. It’s hard to say which ones will be successful, but there are several projects where people are genuinely interested in creating something unique. However, much like with anything there are a lot of those who simply wish to capitalize on the hype. 

The gaming and casino industry can improve the player experience by relying on the blockchain. Moreover, some of the best casino apps and safe online casinos are those that allow for crypto transfers. In fact, some of the best no wagering casino sites that offer free spins and other bonuses are already expanding on the crypto market, but they still do not offer games that have to do with NFTs. However, we did have something similar in the past when people were gambling using CS: GO skins and that’s something that is really close to how NFTs would function. This also shows the main allure behind such gambling games, because if you win something that is currently not valuable that same skin or item can increase in value over time. 

The real selling point behind the NFTs in games is more uniqueness and customization options. Players love the ability to project their creativity into the games they play, and this desire to be unique can be fully realized by leveraging blockchain. 

Impact on Mainstream Culture

We are seeing more and more famous companies like Tesla entering the crypto market. This can be both good and bad. The utility of the currency increases, but it also affects its volatility which is not something you would want. The increase and drops in value are constant, but they shouldn’t be too drastic. 

Moreover, as more people enter into the crypto community, the whole network will require more energy, and it is already consuming a lot. Because of the green agendas that are dominating in mainstream media, blockchain is under a lot of heat. So, it’s possible that tech alternatives will be developed in order to sustain the network in a more eco-friendly fashion. 


Right now there are both positive and negative things attached to digital currencies. Many criminals use this technology to commit cyber claims and implement ransomware, and there is definitely going to be more of that. Also, we will see more new coins or currencies, since new users want to start with a cheap product and get a significant increase in their investment regardless of the tech behind it. After all, both Dogecoin and Shiba proved this. However, it seems that the tech is here to stay, and it does have a lot of potential to aid our development. 

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