NFT – the hype that ends, or technology that will change lives? Taking the POSDuck platform as an example


The world firstly heard about Non-fungible tokens in December 2012. Even then, many people were interested with this idea and it laid the foundation for successful NFT programs in the future, although, today there are many opinions about it. So what is it, a new bubble or a life-changing technology?

Undoubtedly, NFT has the perspective of wide application in many spheres of life: metaverses, games, marketplaces and even documentation of works of art. Unique tokens are already becoming an integral part of the entertainment of the future and the new digital reality.

Yes, the popularity around NFT has partially declined. What’s the matter? There are opinions that it was just a hype that passed and this technology is no longer so relevant. But it is extremely important to understand that NFT is a technology that will never go away from our lives. Many progressive companies have implemented NFT as a technology in their products. People are less and less interested in NFTs as just pictures, unlike NFTs, which have some value and application.

For example, the PoSDuck NFT platform is used for staking and rewarding. Users not only own their NFTs, but can also sell or transfer them. In particular, while they own them – to make a profit depending on the chosen staking pool. There are 2 types of staking on the platform, which differ in their terms: time-limited and unlimited. Each user can decide which conditions are more convenient for him, and the PosDuck platform will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.

One way or another, NFTs are already benefiting and satisfying many people. In general, NFT technology is confidently dominating the world of digital money. It only remains to find out whether you just want to look after the rapid development or become a part of technological progress. It’s time to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the PoSDuck platform!

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