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Very few figures in the cryptocurrency industry are as iconic as Satoshi Nakamoto. Yet, the Bitcoin creator remains an enigma even in 2021 and beyond. The Satoshibles NFT collection puts an exciting spin on the individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto and offers some compelling benefits. 

What Are Satoshibles?

This collection of 5,000 algorithmically generated crypto collectible non-fungible tokens, dubbed Satoshibles, makes an interesting addition. They consist of 192 hand-illustrated attributes and nine traits. One will not find duplicates in this collection, and every NFT in the set ranges in rarity. At first glance, one may consider this digital art, but their purposes go much deeper. 

The main benefit holders of a Satoshible receive is the “Mint Club” perk. In addition, holders of this title will access a private channel on Discord and get the “OG Minter” role on the server. That may not seem like much, but building up a digital reputation requires a lot of effort. So titles and perks like these can help one solidify their position in the cryptocurrency space.

Those who have a rare Satoshible with the correct to-be-announced attributes will become part of the “Royalties Club”. That title grants a revenue share of all secondary sales on OpenSea. A passive revenue stream by holding an NFT is rather appealing, as it involves little to no risk. In addition, any Satoshible with the Diamond Earring trait will give users to the Club House of the future NFT advertising platform. More information on that platform will become available soon. 

Should You Flip Satoshibles?

There is certainly a market to buy Satoshibles and resell them at a higher value. Some of these NFTs have been bought and sold nearly half a dozen times already. Some flippers make good money, although one has to wonder the right time and price to sell at. On the other hand, these NFTs are rather iconic compared to most other non-fungible tokens, so holding them long-term can be a viable approach.

Moreover, there is the “Royalties Club” aspect. If you own a Satoshible with a Crown and Gum or Party Hat and Clown combo, you are in luck and shouldn’t flip your Satoshible just yet. Missing out on passive revenue would be a wasted opportunity. However, depending on the secondary sales volume in a few weeks or months, the benefits may differ. Having one of each trait can prove worthwhile, assuming the price is right. 

The team also intends to create and ship 100 signed prints of Satoshibles owned by community members. These prints will go out to 100minters. So if you own any Satoshible you initially minted, rather than acquired through OpenSea, it may be worth holding on to it just for the print. That print will not have value to everyone, though, which is only to be expected. 

Furthermore, holding a Satoshible will give users voting rights regarding future project ideas and developments. 

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