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Even though hundreds of NFT projects are on the market today, some will still try to offer something unique. Sympathy For The Devils, with unique artwork, focuses on building a viable ecosystem rather than creating artwork. Various Members Only benefits can be unlocked by holding one or more non-fungible tokens of this collection. 

The Sympathy For The Devils Vision

There aren’t many devil-themed NFTs on the market yet, although that situation can always change. Projects will clone existing and popular ideas, either for the artwork or otherwise. Sympathy For The Devils has a limit of 6,666 uniquely generated tokens. The developers created over 160 different attributes and traits.  

In devil-fashion, the minting cost for an SFTD NFT is 0.0666 ETH plus gas fees. A high price compared to some other recent drops, although there are higher minting costs to be found as well. The devil theme comes back in different ways where this project is concerned, and introducing the iconic 666 figure into the minting price makes sense. 

Holding a Sympathy For The Devils NFT will give users various benefits, including access to hidden Discord channels and governance voting rights. The team will also issue airdrops and giveaways. Furthermore, NFT holders can mint a companion for the devils in the future. The team will announce more details on that through the official social channels.

STFD holders will also receive passive income. The Sympathy For The Devils team will share a portion of the royalties with all holders as long as the project runs. The current sales fee is 6.66% – including the 2.5% OpenSea fee – meaning the native royalties are 4.16%.A large portion of those royalties will go to all devil holders based on the amount of NFTs they own. A portion of secondary sales goes to the community pool, with 0.5% going to the team. 

Should You Flip Sympathy For The Devils NFTs?

Due to the relatively high mint cost, minting and flipping SFTD NFTs may not necessarily be that straightforward. However, similar to other non-fungible token projects, there will always be people trying to sell below the minting price for various reasons.  Some sales will net a profit, but as the project remains relatively new, minting and flipping is not viable for everyone. It will primarily depend on the rarity of the minted NFT.

Moreover, the passive revenue share NFT holders will obtain can be a viable incentive to hold the token. To make a viable income, passive money is never a bad option to explore, although it will hinge on the overall secondary market value and your own NFT holdings. Those who opt for this approach will ensure there is less liquidity on OpenSea, potentially pushing the price floor higher. 

There is also the upcoming “companion” drop to consider. Although not much is known about it at the time, NFT holders will be able to claim it further down the line. Typically, this will be a free NFT for which users need to pay gas fees. 

The final feature to look forward to is Hell’s Kitchen. Nothing to do with New York but rather a solution to let holders “merge” Sympathy For The Devils NFTs to create individual and unique characters. Holders can keep existing traits or try to create a completely random devil. Doing so will cut the supply in half, as two devils become one. Moreover, participants have a chance of receiving an airdrop of 1 of 20 ultra rare devils.

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