NFT Collection “The Presidents” Makes Good On GameFi Promise With Upcoming Game


The NFT industry has taken the cryptocurrency community by storm. Sales are still booming, yet there is a growing demand for ecosystem projects rather than projects just providing art or profile picture collections. For example, “The Presidents”, the most extensive NFT collection of world leaders and crypto pioneers, introduces a new play-to-earn game, dubbed The War of Morale. 

“The Presidents” Notes Initial Success

“The Presidents” concept has attracted tremendous attention from investors, speculators, and enthusiasts. It is a collection of 20,000 masterpieces depicting 50 of the most powerful and well-known presidents and crypto pioneers worldwide. Depictions include leaders of the USA, China, USSR, Italy, France, and many other locations. So far, the project has noted nearly 18,000 mints, indicating the collection is nearing the end of its minting phase. 

Moreover, the NFTs provide access to a growing ecosystem where GameFi takes center stage. Moreover, there’s also access to governance tokens, decentralized systems, and much more. Combining the best of non-fungible tokens, GameFi, and other concepts will help bolster the overall “The Presidents” ecosystem. 

Venturing Into Play-to-Earn Gaming

Speaking of bolstering the ecosystem, the team behind “The Presidents” has launched a play-to-earn game. The War of Morale is the first game within this ecosystem and another illustration of the GameFi-oriented focus. The game will launch once minting for “The Presidents” comes to a close and help users monetize their time by participating in the game. Doing so will award governance tokens used to vote on the future of “The Presidents”. 

Playing the game is done by forging a team of allies, each requiring at least three NFT Presidents. Every President has four in-game skills: Attack, Defense, Diplomacy (increases defense against opponents), and Luck (striking with defensive moves and stronger attacks). Matchmaking occurs when players have similar Morale levels.

The NFT Presidents will clash on a digital battlefield. Players can determine which aspects of “government” and “infrastructure” they want to attack or defend. Options range from Raw Materials to Produce and Public Health. The ultimate objective is to drain your opponent’s Morale and keep your own Morale in the green. Avatars can regenerate Morale at varying speeds. 

Winners will receive the governance token and have their Presidents’ skill level up. Whoever loses the battle will see their Presidents’ skills decrease. 

Closing Thoughts

Users who haven’t picked up a “The Presidents” NFT yet still have a little while to pick one up for the price of 0.3 BNB. The collection features an exclusive portrait of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. and avatars of founders of Ethereum, Binance, and TRON. 

Moreover, The War of Morale is the first game under “The Presidents” banner and provides utility to these NFTs. Additionally, it paves the way for holders to earn governance tokens that one cannot earn via other means.

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