Next-Gen DeFi Project Lists On PancakeSwap

CryptoMode Incrypt DeFi

The $INCRYPT token began trading on decentralized exchange Pancake Swap on the 1st of June 2021, and there is plans for more listings in the future.


INCRYPT.x is a project that provides individual investors will full transparency and control over their investment. The project aims to disrupt the traditional finance industry by changing the way people invest.  To achieve this, the INCRYPT token, built on the Binance Smart Chain, was created. 

The INCRYPT token follows a deflationary protocol and has Auto-Yield Generating features, also known as Static Yield Farming. On every transaction, a tax is imposed; whereby a portion of tokens is 

  1. a) sent to the burn address (thus reducing the circulating supply);
  2. b) sent to the liquidity pool;
  3. c) re-distributed to all token holders; and 
  4. d) sent to the ‘de-fi’ wallet to be used for investment purposes.

In order for the community to have full control, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is being developed, which will house a Blockchain Based Voting system. Based on this model, the community will be able to submit ‘investment proposals’, and token holders will be able to connect their wallet to the GUI of the DAO and cryptographically cast their vote on a proposal (that covers investment strategy, dividend distribution etc.) for the pooled funds in the ‘de-fi’ wallet. The full whitepaper covers expected problems, along with proposed solutions, such as ‘reputation flow’ which will protect the DAO from corruption and malicious actors.


The parent company of INCRYPT.x, Incrypt Investments (Pty) Ltd is a Level 1 BB-BEE Company based in South Africa. The team behind INCRYPT.x wants the token to have extra utility, besides being an investment vehicle into the world of De-Fi, therefore an exclusive NFT marketplace is being developed where the $INCRYPT token will be the currency of choice.

The team behind INCRYPT.x also has the Incrypt Smart Chain Project in the works; a multi-layered blockchain aimed at securing data transactions while maintaining individual user privacy. The Incrypt Smart Chain will have multiple cross-chain bridges to allow for liquid swaps across multiple blockchains and will be built specifically for hosting DAOs. The vision is that the Incrypt Chain will be known as the ‘De-fi Chain’ where investment companies could register their fund, and get access to decentralized funding, and give individual investors full transparency and traceability of funds. With tokenized stocks and forex derivatives becoming mainstream, the Incrypt Smart chain will be the gateway to all financial products.





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