New XRP Ledger Tipbot Supports Tips In XRP and CasinoCoin

CryptoMode CasinoCoin XRP Ledger

The cryptocurrency world is home to many innovative ideas and concepts. Crypto tipbots used to be prevalent years ago yet have seemingly fallen out of favor. Tippy, a tipbot built for the XRP Ledger, may help rekindle overall interest in this concept. 

Tippy Arrives On The XRP Ledger

The concept of Tippy is very straightforward. Users can tip one another on Twitter through an easy command. The solution is entirely non-custodial and supports assets on the XRP ledger. In its current stage, those assets are XRP and CasinoCoin. Whether Tippy will support other assets in the future remains unknown, but it is a possibility.

What makes this tipbot so interesting is how users will control their funds at all times. The previous generation of tipbots often required external funding before one could use them. Although that approach works, it is far from ideal. Tipping should be spontaneous rather than forced and calculated. A non-custodial solution is always preferable. 

To make use of Tippy, suers will have to get and connect a Xumm wallet on their mobile device. Once an XRP ledger account has been set up, users can load the tipbot in XUMM itself. Finally, desktop users can load the app externally and gain access to all of its features. Both options are straightforward and relatively novice-friendly. However, without signing up with Tippy, it is not possible to send tips, even if tweeted correctly. 

Receiving tips requires users to follow a similar process. The first step is to sign up with the tipbot, followed by linking and XRP Ledger address to receive funds. The messages used to send tips to other users can be very simple or elaborate as one wants them to be. There is a bit of customization to look into for those willing to give more advanced options a try.

CasinoCoin Is More Popular

What becomes apparent rather quickly is how fewer tips are sent in XRP. A bit surprising, as XRP is the primary asset of the XRP Ledger, hence the name. However, the introduction of CasinoCoin on this blockchain seems to spark a lot of attention. It is the first significant cryptocurrency to openly migrate to XRPL because of its speed, efficiency, and low costs. So far, no other assets have followed suit.  

Value-wise, the majority of funds are tipped in CSC as well. For example, CasinoCoin has a value of $0.0029, whereas XRP is worth $0.52. However, over 2 million CSC has been tipped through Tippy so far, compared to just 348 XRP. An interesting dynamic between both assets, albeit one that is not necessarily indicative of what will happen in the future. 

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