New Wojak Rival: Can This New Memecoin Really Deliver a 100x Return This Year?


Just a few days following the surge of the PEPE token, another meme coin started to gain momentum: the WOJAK token. At this point, it seems like meme coin season is around the corner.

The remarkable rise of the WOJAK coin demonstrates that it isn’t just utility-based crypto projects that can experience massive gains and price rallies. If you missed out on the 10x return WOJAK generated, you might want to stay glued to this post as we uncover a new potential 100x gem investors are backing to outperform WOJAK.


According to information obtained from the project’s website, WOJAK is a meme-based token with a mission to establish a decentralized platform that brings people together through the influence of memes.

Taking inspiration from the widely recognized internet meme Wojak, the project aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where the WOJAK token acts as the native currency. With this token, users can participate in various activities such as purchasing, selling, and trading memes, as well as connecting with other crypto enthusiasts within the ecosystem.

WOJAK Token Price Action

Looking at the chart, it is evident that the WOJAK coin witnessed a remarkable surge of around 20x in value within two weeks. The token’s price per unit soared from $0.0000488 to reach an all-time high (ATH) of $0.00108.

Nonetheless, as is typical in the volatile cryptocurrency market, this ascent was not without fluctuations. Throughout the journey, the price encountered several declines exceeding 50%.

At pen time, the WOJAK token is in a consolidation phase at $0.0002278, following a decline of over 70% from its ATH.

Introducing the Hybrid Memecoin: Pikamoon

As the GameFi industry continues its rapid growth, it is set to reach a valuation of $2.8 billion within the next six years. It’s no surprise that the GameFi industry has witnessed such a huge influx of new P2E crypto games, garnering attention from crypto investors.

Investors all around the globe are busy researching thousands of P2E projects, hoping to find the one that would potentially kick-start or explode in the upcoming bull run.

Among the multitude of projects being researched by crypto investors, one particular project stands out: Pikamoon.

Pikamoon is an RPG (role-playing game) ecosystem that adopts the play-to-earn gaming model.

Pikamoon encompasses four distinct lands teeming with adventure. Within its captivating virtual realm, the Pikaverse, players embark on a quest to capture Pikamoons, which are required to engage in thrilling battles against formidable monsters and dark gods who rule these lands.

As you journey through the four lands of the Pikaverse, your ultimate goal is to vanquish the rulers of each realm and restore peace and balance.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Pokemon franchise, Pikamoon features turn-based combat, where strategic choices and skillful tactics determine the outcome of each encounter.

With every successful battle, your Pikamoon earns valuable experience points, enabling you to enhance its abilities and unlock new powers.

Additionally, the Pikamoon marketplace, fueled by $PIKA tokens, offers a vibrant ecosystem where you can acquire in-game assets and resources to further enhance your Pikamoon’s prowess and enrich your gaming experience.

Pika Utility and Tokenomics

$PIKA is the native token powering the Pikamoon ecosystem. Designed as deflationary tokens, they possess real utility and value.

Within the Pikaverse, these tokens can be utilized in the marketplace to acquire various items and resources, enhancing the overall exploration and experience of this immersive virtual world.

$PIKA has a total supply of 50 billion, of which only about 30% (15 billion) have been made available for the ongoing presale rounds. From the rest, 7.5% will be used for the liquidity pool, 10% will be reserved to fuel the reward system, 12.5% will be held by the team, 8% will be allocated for marketing purposes, and 32% will be dedicated to the development of the ecosystem.

Why Pikamoon is the Next Big Thing in the Crypto Space

What defines a profitable project includes innovative features, a distinctive concept, an experienced team, and media attention.

Pikamoon excels in all these areas.

Pikamoon is hailed as the future of the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry thanks to its visionary mass adoption approach. Investors believe that $PIKA is an exceptional investment opportunity for both the short and long term.

Pikamoon Presale

Are you ready to discover some hidden gems in the crypto world? Look no further than Pikamoon (PIKA)! With the increasing acceptance of crypto and GameFi at large, $PIKA has the potential to skyrocket in 2023. The best part? You can purchase $PIKA for less than a cent in the ongoing presale live on the Pikamoon website.

With the Pikamoon presale gaining significant momentum, the opportunity to acquire tokens at discounted prices is swiftly coming to an end. This makes the present moment an ideal time to become part of the exclusive “early investor club” and take advantage of the potential benefits that come with being part of it.

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