New Steem Upgrade Sparks Ample Controversy Theories Involving Justin Sun

CryptoMode Steemit Drama

A few weeks ago, there were ample discussions regarding Steem and Justin Sun. It now appears that even more unsavory details have come to light, casting an even bigger gloom over this situation.

The Steem situation is slowly spiraling out of control.

The Steem Situation Keeps Getting Worse

Ever since Justin Sun got involved, there has been plenty of concern and controversy to go around.

It now seems that things will only get more intense, albeit not necessarily for the right reasons.

On Reddit, there are genuine concerns as to who is in charge of Steem right now.

Some users go as far as stating how Justin Sun controls the entire blockchain, primarily due to working together with various exchanges.

There is now some new code, which seems to introduce a soft fork of the blockchain of some sorts.

Several accounts have been frozen on the chain, including at least one linked to a trading platform.

All of this further confirms that this project is in a very unfavorable situation, and may not return to normal in the near future.

There is also the hard fork of Steem, called Hive, to take into account.

While Steem’s initial promise seemed interesting, it seems as if the project is now on the verge of collapsing completely.

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