New Play-to-Earn Farming Game HappyLand Tops Binance Smart Chain Game Ranking

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After the Mainnet launch on 31st January 2022, the Farmville-like game HappyLand has become the 2nd most popular game on Binance Smart Chain and attracted over 15 million visits globally. Currently, the game has over daily active 4,000 players and the value of HappyLand NFTs has risen by x10.

What is HappyLand? 

HappyLand is a new agriculture play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain that recently launched their Mainnet and sale of land NFTs. The game allows users worldwide to experience a simple yet addicting and highly rewarding farm-to-earn experience on the metaverse that is just like real farming. With a robust in-game economy and simple yet engaging farming gameplay, HappyLand enables users to own their first digital land on the metaverse and reap almost unlimited earning potential with small starting investments. 

Accessible Play-to-earn Game with Engaging Mechanics

The vision of HappyLand is to reflect real farming as close as possible on the metaverse while creating a simple, smooth, and joyful farm-to-earn experience that is also highly rewarding for everyone. By participating in the in-game economy in a way similar to a real-life farmer – plowing land, planting crops, and raising cattle, users can collect harvests which can then be sold in the game’s marketplace to earn.

Typically, play-to-earn games require users to make a large financial investment to even get started, usually by acquiring expensive NFTs or taking part in a freemium model that has become synonymous with “pay to win”. With the HappyLand game, players obtain land on the NFT marketplace to access the game. $HPL is the governing token of HappyLand, depositing $HPL into HappyLand is essential to start playing while holding $HPL also provides players the right to participate in the development of the ecosystem. The utility token $HPW is used to purchase in-game material including crops and animals to get started on the farming metaverse. Players also get rewarded with $HPW which can be exchanged on DEX such as Pancakeswap. 

NFT with Unique Utility

On HappyLand, each plot of land is an NFT and there are several land types, each with its own rarity and productivity level that will affect the quality of harvests, thus how much you can earn. An inexpensive plot of Highland surrounded by mountainous terrain and rough weather will be difficult to farm on, resulting in lower yield. Meanwhile, a fertile Euphoria land surrounded by bountiful nature and ideal shade, sunlight, and humidity will guarantee big, profitable harvests but require higher initial investment to obtain. 

Sustainable Token Economics

In addition to earning from playing, users can also earn from staking $HPL. The minimum guaranteed APY is an attractive 40%. As for supply management, there is a small fee on transactions when buying and selling on DEX (Pancakeswap) for burning, 2% for $HPL and 4% for $HPW respectively. Users can also use $HPW to open other NFTs used for upgrading lands, and in the future, the team will implement minigames to help burn $HPW tokens.

To encourage early supporters of HappyLand, for the first 2 weeks after the game’s launch, users can claim game rewards to their wallets once every 2 days. After this, the time between reward claims will be increased to reduce selling pressure.

These mechanics and initiatives work together to ensure high liquidation and healthy token price for $HPL and $HPW by controlling scarcity while ensuring fast transactions for users. Most notably, there is no fee applied on transfers between wallets, eliminating unnecessary costs to provide an enjoyable user experience.

Experienced Team Supported by Strong VCs, Advisors, and Partners

Established in November 2021, HappyLand successfully raised $2.97M from investors such as AU21, HC Capital, ZBS Capital, Banter Capital, Kryptos Fund, Netvrk, Kyber Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Gains Associates, GoodGamesGuild, Maven Capital, SMO Capital, and Salad Ventures in just a few weeks after launch. On the 10th of December 2021, the project launched an IDO on Polkastarter that quickly reached its fundraising goal of $300,000. 

The development team behind HappyLand posess intensive experience in blockchain as well as software and gaming development. Furthermore, the project is supported by esteemed advisors including Stani Kulechov (AAVE), Kenzi Wang (AU21, Cere Network), Santiago R Santos (ParaFi Capital, PleasrDAO), and Kieran Warwick (Co-Founder/CEO of Illuvium).  HappyLand is also partners with guilds such as Play It Forward DAO, Polkastarter Gaming, GoodGamesGuild, Salad Ventures, and Real Deal Guild, working to provide scholars across the world an excellent farm-to-earn experience.

Active Project with an Exciting Roadmap

The HappyLand development team diligently monitors user feedback to ensure a great game experience driven by the community. The game receives frequent and consistent updates adding new exciting features or quality of life improvements every few days. Prior to Mainnet release, the team also organized community and private Testnet playing experiences for users and implemented their eedback for the final Mainnet release, which attracted many early supporters.

On its roadmap, HappyLand is looking to implement many advanced key features and gameplay mechanics to further enhance its farm-to-earn gameplay. These include a realistic weather system that is synchronized with real life in real-time, which can increase or decrease the yield capacity of lands. Additionally, there will also be features to enable user-generated content like labs and factories to breed custom crops and cattle with different mutations just like in real life. Most notably, these user-created items will have higher rarity and value than the game’s base items, allowing everyone to play the way they like and contribute to the game world with their creativity.

Many more innovative features are also on the way including the ability to rent lands for users with multiple land plots with little time to manage them earn passively by becoming landlords, or for those with a smaller budget to enjoy the game. Sub-accounts will also be added for guild management, and more in-game marketplaces for farming resources are coming to the game in future updates.

About HappyLand

HappyLand is a blockchain gaming platform, inspired by the Texas countryside. In HappyLand, players will transform into the role of a farm owner cultivating, breeding pets, and taking care of his farm. From there, each player will participate in building and multi-farm metaverse with many unique custom styles.

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