New Peercoin Client Introduces PoS Reward Changes and QoL Improvements

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A lot of the older cryptocurrencies that are still on the market today tend to be overlooked. Peercoin, while largely ignored by the current crowd, has released a new client and some key updates.

It has been a while since anyone actively considered Peercoin to be a viable cryptocurrency.

Peercoin is Still Thriving in 2020

Despite those odds, the currency is still going strong, thanks to its developers and community.

A new client, codenamed Strider, has been released for Peercoin, and it introduces some interesting changes. 

More specifically, the proof-of-stake reward economics will undergo some adjustments, which is good to see.

There is also a reduction to the time drift, another proposal approved by the PPC community. 

The main objective of this change is how the active minters will be rewarded more actively.

At the same time, inflation remains near 1% like it has been previously. 

For users looking to upgrade their client, there will be no imminent steps to take other than downloading it.

While this new client might not rekindle the interest in Peercoin, currencies like those should never be dismissed either.

They are part of the reason why cryptocurrency is the industry it is today, even though PPC was never able to follow Bitcoin’s footsteps.

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