New P2E Game, $Golden Inuverse, Has Preview Leaked

New P3E Game, $Golden Inuverse, Image Preview Leaked on Twitter
New P3E Game, $Golden Inuverse, Image Preview Leaked on Twitter

The Golden Inu Ecosystem project is unique.  It will operate on 2 blockchains, Binance & Ethereum, and plans to become a staple brand with millions of crypto traders across Central & South America.

Now, through a company leak via twitter, it’s clear the $Golden tokens will have utility in crypto gaming. Though deleted briefly after posting, investors caught the tweets about a coming Gamefi project, “$Golden Inuverse”  and began discussing on reddit (view here).  

New P2E Game, the Universe of the Inus

The new game’s title flips the first 3 letters of “Uni-verse” to create the title of the metaphysical lands of $Golden token holders, the Inu-verse.

This will be a play-2-earn (P2E) crypto game, where users can earn $Golden tokens via in-game tasks, battling, and/or adventuring.

An image attached to the tweet showed what may be a Golden Inuverse’s game design preview.  It is definitely a confirmation that the Golden Inu developers have capable designers for building the GameFi project’s graphic infrastructure.

How Will This P2E GameFi Project impact $Golden tokens values?

A new play-2-earn crypto game could have a major impact on the $Golden tokens values.   

Thus far, the bep20 token is live and publicly traded via the decentralized crypto exchange PanCakeSwap.    A successful first strike, the token’s value is currently near 2X the initial ICO price — US$0.0000000000020.    

At its all-time high, the bep20 was +750% and this is without a live application to use the token.

The “$Golden Inuverse” game will be adopted by hundreds if not thousands immediately, enthusiasts of play-to-earn culture.    Gamers are known to build valuable crypto-brand subcultures that increase daily transaction volume and willingly make in-game purchases — both of whom boost token value.  

Alongside those benefits, thanks to a 7% slippage fee for buying or selling the $Golden bep20 token, these transactions would add to the liquidity [fiat] assets pool.

Further surface analysis indicates “$Golden Inuverse” should boost the $Golden token’s value past the previous all-time highs, by far.  At minimum, a +300% gain is expected.

ICO/IDO Presale of Ethereum Blockchain Token

The Ethereum-blockchain version of the $Golden token is still in presale (sold here).  A game launching shortly after it’s listed on a public exchange should garner it enough attention to push its value past levels gains of +1000% of its current private offering price.

Golden Inu is Not A Scam — 4 Months Later Closes In On ~US$100,000 Liquidity

Critical analysis shows the Golden Inu has been legitimately standing for 4 months with a liquidity pool of nearly US$100,000 from investors.   

More impressively, the $Golden (Bep20) token has a liquidity generation formula that recycles slippage  fees to offer users $1-to-$2 asset liability.    In layman’s terms, users can pull their money with no problem currently, even in the face of a bank run.   

Tokens like Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Pepe, and others could not survive a bank run. While there’s news reports of “$PEPE Millionaires” spreading across crypto groups currently, there’s equal stories about the brand lacking liquidity to payout.

Technology Development & Utility

Golden Inu Token has released 2 different web3 applications since the brand’s launch in February,  $Golden Dashboard and Quest.  Both crypto applications have had hundreds of crypto traders engage to date.

The new Play-2-Earn game, $Golden Inuverse, would be the brand’s 2nd completely independent release.

Gaming developers believe the new Gamefi project will operate on the Binance-blockchain and $Golden bep20 token.   The gas fees of Ethereum are a bit high for gaming preferences.

However, with the Decentralized Exchange that Golden Inu’s developers are working on, the ERC20 token may have value in the game as well. The $Golden Exchange is said to have a swap feature for exchanging erc20 tokens to binance-chain & vice versa with lower gas fees.  

More details soon on the $Golden Inuverse P2E crypto game as details are shared.

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