It has been a while since a new Mt. Gox reimbursement update was shared with the world. In an email sent to former exchange users, a trustee for Mt. Gox has said that a new online ‘claim filing system’ is in place and ready for use.

Mt. Gox Creditors Rejoice

According to the email, the new system will help settle matters once and for all. It doesn’t matter if a suitor has previously filed for a claim, as each and every submission will be reviewed manually by the exchange trustee and his team.

Since the Tokyo district court’s decision in June, no real developments regarding this case have become apparent. It is possible creditors will receive Bitcoin payments instead of cash transactions but that has not been officially confirmed.

‘Claims can be filed until October 22nd of 2018.’

Also worth mentioning is the fact that users who no longer have their online login credentials for the exchange may need to verify their claim by sending identity documents via regular mail. While this may be a painstaking process for all of the parties involved, it will put this matter to rest once and for all.

Final Thoughts

This new development will put some of the nagging Mt. Gox trustee rumors to rest. Experts were fearful that Nobuaki Kobayashi was planning to liquidate more of the seized BTC holdings on the open market and drive the price of Bitcoin down even further. However, that will not be the case after all, although there is still a valid reason to be somewhat concerned regarding the future development of this process.

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