New Loopring Swap UI Provides Easy Access to zkRollup DEX Trading

CryptoMode Loopring zkRollups

Loopring is one of the many layer-two solutions for Ethereum. Its zkRollup technology removes concerns regarding high transaction fees and delays. A new swap UI has been created by the community to make the Ethereum DEX more accessible. 

Another Step Forward for Loopring

  • Sending Ethereum transactions on the normal network is often incredibly expensive.
  • Just a few weeks ago, the average transaction cost was well over $50, which isn’t acceptable.
  • Solving this problem native through Ethereum’s protocol is seemingly impossible.
  • Thankfully, there are solutions such as Loopring that offer significant advantages. 
  • Loopring leverages zkRollup technology to batch transactions and reduces gas fees to a bare minimum.
  • Its technology has been widely praised, but accessing it can be tricky for newcomers.
  • Addressing that situation is not impossible, but the overall community will play an important role in the process.
  • Launching a new UI – which is open source – to access the Loopring Ethereum DEX is a big step forward.
  • It highlights the potential of this layer-two solution for both desktop and mobile users alike.
  • It is worth noting this doesn’t use the upcoming L2 AMM support that is part of Loopring 3.6. 
  • The Loopring DEX supports most of the popular ERC20 tokens, including YFI, CRV, BAND, LEND, BUSD, and others. 

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