New FCA Crypto Marketing Regulations in the UK: Key Changes & Implications

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Starting October 8, 2023, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is set to roll out stringent crypto asset marketing regulations. These rules aim to bolster consumer protection and curb deceptive advertising practices within the rapidly evolving crypto industry.

Ban on Incentive Promotions

A notable change is the outright ban on promotional incentives such as the “refer a friend” bonuses. By eliminating these, the FCA seeks to deter firms from using potentially misleading incentives to attract consumers.

Firms must now display risk warnings prominently drawing parallels with tobacco and select investment products. It ensures potential investors are informed of potential risks before engaging.

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The newly crafted rules don’t just bind firms directly marketing crypto products. The rules apply if a company promotes these products on another firm’s behalf. Interestingly, the umbrella of these regulations now also covers non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This inclusion could reshape the way NFTs are marketed.

Acknowledging the technical complexities, the FCA might extend the deadline for implementing specific regulations. For instance, firms might get a leeway until January 8, 2024, to introduce a 24-hour cooling-off period. However, firms must formally apply for such extensions. It’s imperative to note that the core rules become enforceable from October 8, 2023.

Crypto Marketing Protection for UK Consumers

UK consumers can expect enhanced protection against misleading crypto advertisements after the stipulated date. Concurrently, international firms targeting the UK market need to overhaul their strategies. Non-compliance might result in them facing legal consequences.

The FCA mandates that crypto marketing be “clear, fair, and not misleading.” Encouraging investments inappropriately is now frowned upon. Lucy Castledine, the FCA’s Director of Consumer Investments, emphasized the need for firms, especially those overseas, to align with these guidelines. She asserted the FCA’s commitment to punitive actions against violators post the October deadline.

It’s crucial to understand that every crypto asset service provider in the UK must register with the FCA. Neglecting this mandatory registration equates to breaching the law.

From October, unauthorized crypto promotions to UK customers could result in severe penalties. Violators might face an unlimited fine or even a two-year prison term.

Guidance for Compliance

To streamline the transition, the FCA has showcased examples of both commendable and flawed practices. Their primary message remains clear: if a firm can’t compliantly engage in crypto marketing, it should withdraw or limit its promotional content in the UK.

The FCA’s renewed approach to crypto marketing underscores the agency’s commitment to consumer protection. Firms operating in the space must revisit their marketing tactics to align with these rigorous guidelines. This is a call for transparency and a significant step toward building a more reliable and consumer-friendly crypto ecosystem in the UK.

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