A lot of exciting developments are taking place in the cryptocurrency world. As per latest reports, Neufund and the Malta Stock Exchange are aiming to create a regulated decentralized global stock exchange with the help of Binance.

Decentralizing Stock Exchanges

Neufund and the Malta Stock Exchange are looking to disrupt the traditional stock market by launching a decentralized global stock exchange.

This new platform will support tokenized securities and crypto assets side-by-side. A pilot project will be launched fairly soon, although not too much information has been unveiled at this time. With MSX and Binance on board for this new venture, this project will undoubtedly receive a lot of positive attention in the near future.

While talking on the subject, Neufund CEO and co-founder Zoe Adamovicz had the following words:

We are thrilled to announce the partnerships with Malta Stock Exchange and Binance, that will ensure high liquidity to equity tokens issued on Neufund. It is the first time in history, that security tokens can be offered and traded in a legally binding way. The upcoming pilot project will allow us to test the market’s reaction and realize the overall project idea in an environment with minimized risk.

This is another push by the Maltese government to become Europe’s blockchain hub. Its recently introduced legislative proposals have paved the way for broader adoption of this technology. 

Final Thoughts

Given the current focus on blockchain within today’s financial sector, ventures like these can make a pretty big impact in the long run. However, when exactly this project is expected to go live and which assets it will support is still not clear at this stage.

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