NestSwap ($HEGG): A New Player Ready To Change The Game


NestSwap’s Masterchef Token, called HEGG (Hummingbird Egg), was made available using NestSwap. It is given as reward for mining liquidity, similar to $CAKE. The token also entitles holders to various benefits and permits them to participate in platform governance for a longer period of time.

“Our aim is to allow completely decentralized crypto trading with low fees so that users have 100% ownership over the tokens” – Bryden McKinnie, Founder

NextSwap utilizes AMMs instead of an orderbook which makes the system transparent, backed by smart contracts, and open for all to participate. AMMs are used as a financial tool that provide users the ability to trade seamlessly without the need of a buyer and seller. This model enables decentralized pricing mechanisms that are efficient and predictable. NestSwap also allows users to be able to earn HEGG and other benefits when users participate eagerly and provide liquidity.

Security On NestSwap

The meticulously designed strategies for security on NestSwap ensure sustainability and unrivalled security for any projects on-board. As NestSwap has always placed the security of users and their respective assets as priority, NestSwap aims to work towards eliminating any threats and risks that could potentially disrupt the experience of users.

Rewards Distribution 

When users contribute to the liquidity pool of NestSwap’s native token, HEGG, a portion of each HEGG distribution will then be put aside for any future implementations necessary such as future setbacks, and implementation of governance proposals.

HEGG Pools 

The NestSwap Pools allows users to snowball their tokens and earn more tokens. Simply put, users can deposit their tokens to receive more. The longer the tokens are staked, magnifies the amount of rewards to be received. NestSwap has crafted two stake pools users are able to gain passive income from the NestSwap Pools, the HEGG auto re-staking pool and the HEGG manual pool. When a user chooses to auto-compound in the staking pools, the earned tokens will be compounded automatically in 5-minute intervals without requiring any action from the users. When a user chooses manual-compounding, harvesting or compounding of earned tokens will be done by the user.

NestSwap also welcomes other BSC projects to add their pools eg. stake token A, earn Token A. There are various staking pool opportunities to benefit their community.

NestSwap Lottery 

This is developed to provide users the opportunity to win HEGG prizes. Users have the freedom to enter the lottery multiple times as long as tickets are bought. There are no limits to the number of tickets each user is allowed to buy, however only a 100 tickets can be bought in one transaction. The lottery utilizes Chainlink’s implementation of VRF ensure fairness when the winners are chosen at random.  Each draw a 20% of the prize pot is sent to the burn wallet, reducing circulation.

About NestSwap

NestSwap is powered by Hummingbird Finance and has brought users a new cutting-edge decentralized finance liquidity pool platform. It has created community-focused features which aids in providing innovative technology and benefits such as pricing and rewards. The protocol design offers various incentives for users by incorporating economic strategies such as pool rewards and network effects.

NestSwap Media Contact: 

Bryden McKinnie | [email protected]

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