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If you’re wondering what kind of crypto has hidden growth potential, consider investing in NEO. It is not without reason that it is called the “dark horse” of the cryptocurrency market. Born in China, it has every reason to take the lead in the near future and enter the top twenty. Its potential is certified by the cooperation with such prominent corporations as Alibaba and Microsoft as well as NEO BTC exchange rate.

The Potential of NEO Crypto

  • The NEO cryptocurrency platform is decentralized and distributed. It means that NEO does not have a central regulator, its rules are determined by the users via voting.
  • NEO is a highly profitable crypto-asset exchange. Transactions are carried out quickly, reliably, and at a minimal cost.
  • Founders of this crypto have great ambitions to create the Internet “of the new generation” and change the basic technology of the world economy.
  • The opportunities for mining coins are just great since it does not assume any costs. This is an appealing detail that distinguishes NEO from BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
  • NEO platform has its own cryptocurrency GAS that can be traded on popular exchanges
  • The possibility of digitizing property assets through authentication and digital certification mechanisms makes it a valuable tool for asset exchange.
  • NEO has significant prospects to be accepted on the level of state authorities in China. As soon as it happens the value of this crypto will increase dramatically. Be among those who will win on that.

Buy NEO to Invest in Digital Economy

NEO is possible to buy with BTC or fiat currencies. Usually, two main quotes are used to define the value of NEO:

  • NEO/USD 

P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange provides the possibility to buy NEO with both these options: fiat money via credit card or other cryptocurrencies in pairs. If you plan to buy a large amount of NEO be sure that you will find the required sum of crypto here. Since this crypto platform was initiated in China, the market for NEO is the largest in the world. 

Where to Buy NEO

You can buy NEO in a variety of places:

  • Popular trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges. They offer cryptocurrency and fiat trading pairs.
  • Specialized brokers who are working in the foreign exchange market.

These platforms provide traders with a lot of useful instruments for advanced crypto trading. 

Where to Find Out Price NEO 

You can follow the NEO exchange rate in the online regime on P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange. The platform offers trade tutorials for the improvement of your trading and investing skills. Tracking the rate of NEO to BTC and using the assistance of automated tools, you can successfully implement your trading strategies.

Buy NEO to be far ahead on the market of cryptocurrencies. Invest in one of the most promising cryptos that can increase its value shortly. The speed of NEO transactions is much faster than that of Bitcoin. There is no commission for transfers in contrast to BTC. This makes it a potential favorite if properly promoted. Given the relative youth of NEO after its rebranding, the potential value growth can be expected both in the short and long perspective.

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