The NEM team has been working hard on revitalizing the gaming industry. With its ReadyPlayGo venture, the team wants to improve the entertainment industry as a whole. The company’s new gaming app store will compete with the likes of Google, Amazon whilst making use of the NEM blockchain.

NEM Finally Begins to Expand

The past few months have been anything but positive for NEM and its community. After a major exchange ended up losing several hundred million NEM recently, things have become very quiet as far as this blockchain venture is concerned.

However, it seems as though this quiet time has been well spent. Rather than brooding over what could have been, the development of ReadyPlayGo has gone on without missing a beat. This new platform promises to be the first real money gaming app store to offer many gaming options through one platform. By combining the power of blockchain and transparency, a new era of gaming and entertainment can be ushered in.

What is ReadyPlayGo Offering?

According to an official company blog post, the goal of ReadyPlayGo is to provide customers with fast money transfers, security, provability, and so forth. Additionally, the platform will be fully compliant and officially licensed.

For gaming software developers, this can easily become a new go-to solution for introducing their novel creations to the masses. With that being said, the bigger question remains whether or not ReadyPlayGo will gain any mainstream traction upon its release.

Under the hood, ReadyPlayGo will utilize the NEM blockchain to its full potential. Combined with the private and permissioned Mijin blockchain, there are no concerns over on-chain transactions and scaling. Everything is offloaded to the ultra-efficient Mijin chain, which hooks into NEM at any given time. In the long run, this approach removes concerns regarding fraud, money laundering, corruption and so forth.

Final Thoughts

This new announcement by the NEM team comes at a crucial time for the blockchain project, especially since the platform community has been waiting for positive news for quite some time now. 

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