A new poll among US investors has shown that the overall sentiment of the masses towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies isn’t all that favorable.

Bitcoin Investment Sentiment Poll

The study which was carried out by Gallup and Wells Fargo has shown that most investors find Bitcoin to be a very risky investment, primarily due to its volatile nature.

Although that isn’t a positive outlook, it is also not as relevant as most people think. This study was conducted among 2,000 adults in the US who own a medium-sized stock portfolio. Stocks are usually far safer investments because of their ‘low-price swings’. However, they also allow for fewer profits since there is no “big money” to be made with them in this day and age.

More on the Issue

According to the study, nearly one in three of the surveyed investors admitted that they had no specific knowledge of cryptocurrencies. This makes it impossible to make a well-weighted decision on whether or not it is worth investing in Bitcoin now or in the future. A lot of educational efforts are needed to make people aware of how cryptocurrencies work in the first place. They are not just an investment vehicle, although that is how most users perceive them today.

Final Thoughts

A survey like this doesn’t really offer any valuable insights. However, it does show that people are not necessarily aware of what digital currencies are and how they can truly change the way in which the global financial system operates.

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