Nearly 1 in 3 dApps is Either Broken or has Been Abandoned

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The world of dApps has seen a lot of interesting developments. Although things are progressing nicely for the most part, there are some worrisome statistics as well. The number of abandoned and broken applications is growing rapidly, which is rather worrisome. 

A Cemetery of dApps

It is a well-known fact that distributed and decentralized applciations are of great interest, Not only can they introduce new ways of engaging with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, but they can also unlock a lot of new use cases in the future.

With a growing focus on decentralized finance, for example, it is certainly possible that dApps will become of even greater interest. That is, assuming developers can put together the necessary projects to captivate a larger audience.

As can be seen by the statistics provided by State of the Dapps, the cemetery is filling up with dApps rather quickly. At the time of writing, there are 1,720 live offerings. A healthy number, but there are also 1,150 abandoned projects as of right now. Combined with 58 broken dApps and a fair few still in beta testing, it remains to be seen what the future will hold exactly. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine why so many dApps get abandoned or drop off the radar altogether. Developers giving up on the project is a likely reason. Additionally, there have been a fair few Ponzi Schemes and MLM projects which eventually disappeared after taking off with people’s money. 

It is plausible to assume the number of abandoned dApps will keep increasing over time. Not all projects being developed are viable in the long run either, further expanding the cemetery altogether.

Slow Growth for Some

Looking at the number of total dApps, there are a fair few ecosystems to be explored. Several of these have a dozen or less dApps right now, confirming their growth is slow. ICON and xDai both have 12 dApps, yet they note very different DAU, transaction, and volume numbers. There is still plenty of growth where both of these ecosystems are concerned. 

The same goes for GoChain and OST. With 7 and 2 decentralized applications respectively, things are not looking too great. Neither ecosystem has an overview of daily active users or transactions, leaving much to speculation. Advancing these lesser-known ecosystems may not hinge on these types of apps, by the look of things.It remains to be seen if either of these four ecosystems can make a meaningful impact by other means. 

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