NBA Top Shot Enters DApps Top 5, Gambling Apps Lose Traction

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The DApps industry is still attracting a lot of attention, even when things may seem different sometimes. Interestingly enough, gambling is seemingly taking a backseat in this segment. Exchanges, games, and collectibles are the top priority for users today, which is rather interesting to behold. 

Uniswap and PancakeSwap Gain Momentum

Given the recent popularity of decentralized exchanges – which count as dApps – it is not entirely surprising to see Uniswap and PancakeSwap note high amounts of active users. Although Uniswap is still well ahead of its competitor on Binance Smart Chain, some vigorous user activity occurs. Uniswap comes close to hitting $400,000 users over 30 days, whereas PancakeSwap will reach $180,000 users soon. 

What is remarkable is how, judging by the user numbers, no other exchange comes close. 1Inch and Sushiswap both make the top 15, but their figures are below 50,000 per month. That is a bit surprising, as both platforms receive a lot of attention lately. Their 30-day volumes are better than most dApps on this list, though.

Source: CryptoDiffer

ThunderCore is Rising Quickly

Speaking of DApps, it is pertinent to note the many blockchains supporting decentralized applications today. Everyone has to look beyond Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chain. ThunderCore is one of those blockchains that most people may not even know existed. However, it has two dApps in the top four ranked by 30-day users.

Serious Dice is a gambling app, generating $3.29 million in volume across 184.040 users. Galaxy Blocks is a blockchain game, yielding $6.090 in volume across 103,130 users. Intriguing statistics for a new ecosystem, as both of these offerings beat popular solutions like JustSwap, Synthetix, OpenOcean, etc. These numbers may look very different next month, though.

NBA Top Shot Enters The DApps Top 5

When the NBA Top Shot collectibles were announced a while ago, no one knew what to expect. Today, it is evident this concept has gained a lot of momentum rather quickly. With $181.4 million in monthly volume and 97.250 users, NBA Top Shot is on many people’s radar. 

Considering how difficult it is to buy any of the packages, the platform’s built-in marketplace will likely see some activity shortly. It is an excellent addition to the overall DApp, as giving traders an option to trade with one another brings more value and legitimacy to this project. Moreover, it is another example of how other companies can sue the Flow blockchain to their benefit. 

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