Nano has a Mobile app Designed to Create Physical Coin Faucets Globally

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The concept of cryptocurrency faucets has undergone major changes over the years. In this modern era, the Nano team has come up with an interesting approach.

Rather than building an online platform, the WeNano mobile app is a completely different breed.

A big Development for Nano

It aids in spreading the word about Nano as a cryptocurrency and financial tool.

The potential for this mobile app is virtually unlimited, however.

Anyone with the app can create a Spot, which serves as a point of interest.

Every Spot will act as its own Nano faucet, granting regular payouts to users as they remain in the vicinity.

In terms of donating Nano for a good cause, there are plenty of opportunities as well.

During times of disaster, any financial contribution is more than welcome. 

Every Spot can receive donations as well, to fill up the faucet and keep issuing payouts to others.

All payouts are processed instantly, courtesy of how the Nano network has been designed by the developers. 

For now, the WeNano mobile application is only available for iOS users.

An Android version is in development, but it is a bit unclear when that will be released exactly. 

For the cryptocurrency industry, this is a very intriguing development that may spill over to other coins and ecosystems.

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