An intriguing correlation between cryptocurrencies and eSports has been forming over the past few years. It has now come to light that Nano, the low-resource cryptocurrency platform, will be sponsoring the CS:GO eSports team KPI Gaming during the upcoming Dreamhack Spain event.

Nano and eSports Come Together

When cryptocurrency and competitive gaming come together, a very interesting situation is created. For Nano, their desire to enter the eSports industry has taken shape over the past few months. The company’s latest effort is a project that has been designed to bring additional exposure to this alternative cryptocurrency.  

The first order of business is to secure enough funding to sponsor KPI Gaming. For those keeping tabs on eSports, that name might ring a bell. KPI Gaming is a Spanish CS:GO eSports team that has achieved much success over the years. With the financial backing of Nano Center, the team has agreed to change their name to Nano KPI during the upcoming Dreamhack Valencia event. With over 40,000 in live attendance and hundreds of thousands of people watching over the internet, the Nano brand will be front and center.

Additional Details To Consider

To make the project a success, a total of 6,340 euro – or nearly $7,400 – worth of Nano needs to be raised. So far, 91% of the necessary funds have been procured, thereby indicating that this venture is worth keeping an eye on.

One also has to applaud the crypto sector as a whole for their efforts to partner up with eSports since both industries tend to attract nearly the same types of users and enthusiasts. As such, it is possible cryptocurrency can gain more mainstream traction as eSports becomes more popular. 

Final Thoughts

On paper, this new effort certainly sounds promising but as cryptocurrencies continually struggle to recieve mainstream attention, it remains to be seen how successful this project eventually turns out to be. 

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