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Unstoppable Domains has proven to be a very interesting project. This venture primarily helps to make the sue of cryptocurrency more approachable to people who are less tech-savvy.

Being able to convert  a lengthy address into a human readable web link is a big improvement.

Another Step Forward for Unstoppable Domains

More and more wallet providers have begun integration support for Unstoppable Domains.

The latest to do so is MyEtherWallet, one of the more popular online services on the market today.

For the Ethereum and ERC20 community, this marks an important milestone. 

It is crucial to make this industry more accessible to everyone.

The use Unstoppable Domains can play a big role in this regard, 

For users of UD, they will now be able to access the native services provided by MyEtherWallet.

Those include the swapping between different crypto assets, managing MFTs, and DeFi solutions provided by MakerDAO.

In terms of unlocking new payment solutions, a custom address can be of great interest to users, projects, and even corporations alike.

Considering how Unstoppable Domains supports several dozen blockchains, it seems likely that more and more wallet providers will follow this route. 

It is also in their best interest to welcome newcomers to the cryptocurrency space as more time progresses.


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