Mushe (XMU) & Gemini’s Bitcoin (BTC) Rewards Lead the Way


As cuts its Cronos (CRO) reward offering to all card holders, we’re currently looking at our favourite crypto reward opportunities available on the market.  Whilst there are many offers available the two which caught our attention for both earning potential and the ease of gaining the rewards were Mushe’s XMU referral token offer and Gemini Exchange’s bitcoin referral offer.

Mushe’s 5% referral fee

During Mushe’s presale, which started on April 18th, token holders will receive 5% referral rewards when referring friends and family. The reward tokens are issued once the person you have referred purchases XMU tokens. There is currently no cap to this referral bonus, meaning holders have the perfect opportunity to earn more by sharing the details of Mushe (XMU) presale with the people closest to them. Many are sharing on social media to take advantage of the referral reward.

Gemini’s $10 bitcoin bonus

Gemini a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is also offering rewards for crypto lovers. Gemini customers who choose to refer friends can earn a $10 bonus as long as their referee buys or sells a minimum of $100 worth of cryptocurrency within 30 days of joining the exchange. The Gemini reward is paid out in bitcoin directly to the customers Gemini wallet. Like Mushe, there’s currently no cap on referrals. 

The exciting news of referrals comes at a time when a growing number of people are learning more about the world of crypto and expressing interest in investing in tokens to add to their wallets. Both newbies and more experienced investors can take advantage of Mushe and Gemini’s offerings, receiving financial benefits for referring others to make similar investments using the blockchain space.

The Mushe Effect

Mushe, the relatively new decentralized token, is making its mark on the crypto industry by operating as a more futuristic token with better utility than most. The presale of the XMU token started on April 18th at $0.005 per token, with the token price increasing by upwards of 400% in as little as weeks since the initial presale launch. Many investors have been interested in getting their hands on XMU tokens for a while and were excitedly anticipating the presale launch, which explains how it’s continued to do well despite only being available to the public for such a short period.

Many skilled investors and analysts predict the token will exceed expectations and experience record-breaking numbers in the coming months. As the price continues to rise most people are in agreement it would be wise to get in early to experience the full Mushe effect and get the best possible return on their long-term investment.

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