Mushe Verse NFTs Likely To Surpass CryptoPunks And Become The New Blue Chip NFT Collection In 2023


NFTs are sweeping the globe, from Super Bowl tickets to digital art, as they have become increasingly popular during the past two years. Recent NFT trends, such as gaming, diverse artwork, and the engagement of significant brands in well-established communities, are on the rise. These are the most popular NFT trends shaping conversations surrounding the newest crypto subculture.

While some NFT projects rely on hype to appreciate with no utility or community backing them, Mushe Verse NFTs is fast evolving as the new blue chip NFT collection that will likely surpass CryptoPunks in 2023. Let’s go through some of the factors pointing to that.

What does blue chip mean in NFTs?

The phrase “blue chip” is taken from the stock market and refers to businesses that are seen as safe investments with a high possibility of maintaining their value and producing profits for investors over the long term.

Due to their long track record of success and use cases, blue chip assets are considered safe investment possibilities and unlikely to fall or go bankrupt soon.

Similar to blue chip firms, blue chip non-fungible token projects, which are well-known NFT projects,  are anticipated to be stable, profitable, and have long-term investment possibilities.

CryptoPunks million dollars pixelated avatars; from small beginnings come great things.

One of the most talked-about NFT compilations currently accessible is CryptoPunks. The start of the CryptoPunks NFT tale is fascinating since it seems like there was a large-scale experiment to determine how interested individuals were in owning NFTs.

The ERC-721 standard, which currently powers the majority of digital art, collectibles, virtual worlds, and blockchain gaming objects, is thought to have been inspired by CryptoPunks, the first non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. 10,000 NFTs with ownership proof linked to the Ethereum blockchain were given away for free when CryptoPunks‘ developers, Larva Labs, launched the game in June 2017.

Since its introduction, the base cost of CryptoPunks has been rising gradually. The collection announced the IP rights deal on Twitter in August 2022, with Tiffany & Co. joining the Punks in riding this wave. With the help of special passes known as “NFTiffs,” CryptoPunks NFT owners can turn their currency into a customized necklace with jewels.

Mushe Verse NFTs are the next big thing in the NFT world.

Mushe World NFTs are the newest generation of investment artwork because they serve purposes and use cases other than digital collectibles. NFTs can access various services and goods with the Mushe World protocols. The NFTs, for instance, can be used in Mushe Verse, an online community where users can communicate, play games, and discover new things.

Mushe NFTs are stunning digital artworks that feature spacemen in various hues and designs. The illustrations were created by some of the most skilled digital artists in the world, which made them in high demand when they went live on OpenSea.

Mushe Verse is a global virtual environment where users may interact with friends and family, use all Mushe products seamlessly, and access partner services. NFTs symbolize ownership within the MusheVerse, and users can own real estate and other assets to engage in ecosystem participation, much like a digital monopoly. 

Some factors that make Mushe Verse NFTs test positive and surpass CryptoPunk include the rising trading volume since the launch on OpenSea and the success recorded with the roadmap. Most importantly, the utility and actual use cases of the Mushe NFTs across gaming, property management, and a growing community of users make it the best Blue Chip NFT collection.

How to mint your own Mushe Verse NFT

You will need a Trust Wallet or Metamask to mint and hold your Mushe Verse NFT. 

Once you have downloaded your chosen app and created your account/wallet, please ensure you transfer enough ETH to mint your NFT within the DAPP, the minimum amount needed per NFT is 0.08 ETH. 

Trust Wallet (Mobile) Instructions:

Please login to your trust wallet account and select the “Browser” icon at the bottom of the screen. Head over to the Mushe World website and select “Buy NFT” or Access the Mushe World minting DAPP ( 

Select “Connect Wallet” and continue the process of minting the NFT. Once completed the transaction will be verified on Etherscan and your NFT will be available within your wallet. To review your NFT after minting please head over to OpenSea (, access your “Profile” and review your “Collected” items. 

Metamask (Desktop):

Please ensure your Metamask account is accessible on web extensions, go to the Mushe World website and select “Buy NFT” or Access the Mushe World minting DAPP ( Connect your Metamask account to complete the minting process, once confirmed the NFT will be available within your metamask wallet. To review your NFT after minting please head over to OpenSea (, access your “Profile” and review your “Collected” items.

Learn more about Mushe (XMU)

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