MultiversX (EGLD) and Internet Computer (ICP) are Overpriced but Uwerx (WERX) has Deep Value


Uwerx is a new project that should be part of an investor’s portfolio if they are chasing big market returns. Many projects are still overpriced despite the fact that the bear market bubble caused a burst in valuations. MultiversX (EGLD) and Internet Computer (ICP) are two examples of projects that rank highly in the list of crypto projects and do not represent value at current levels.

Uwerx (WERX) has Early Stage Value

Uwerx is the analysts’ pick for investors to achieve a strong upside in the crypto market. The project offers security, good fundamentals, a fast-growing market, and a first-mover advantage. All of these are strong growth engines for projects seeking to make their mark in the blockchain. The opportunity in Uwerx is to get access to that upside at an early stage in the project’s development. The current presale is the ideal time to get involved, and some analysts see an upside of 8,500% in the project. Liquidity will be locked in after the presale concludes and for 25 years thereafter.

Uwerx was recently audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof that puts the project in better company than the big exchanges like Binance and Cronos who have recently seen auditors walk away after the FTX collapse. Uwerx has the potential to become a dominating force in the freelancing industry due to its fundamental advantages over traditional freelancing platforms. The blockchain allows Uwerx to slash fees from 20% to only 1%. There is also no need for third-party approval and funds could be accessed on the same day. Uwerx can see its token rise as it receives mainstream attention and analysts expect big things from this coin in the future.

MultiversX (ELGD) is Another Metaverse Dream

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MultiversX (ELGD) is currently ranked at number 47 in the list of coins despite a drop in its coin from a high of $450 to $39. The project is also valued at $1bn so the project will need strong developments to lift it higher. MultiversX (EGLD) joins the ranks of other projects offering a scalable blockchain for building apps. Competition is tough in these MultiversX (EGLD) and Internet Computer (ICP) and grabbing user numbers is not easy.

As the name would suggest, MultiversX (EGLD) is pinning its hopes on the metaverse for future gains. The xPortal is designed to be a central hub for avatars with social applications and a debit card. The xWorlds ecosystem is targeting a world of different metaverses. The metaverse is still early in its development and MultiversX (EGLD) will have to prove itself with partnerships and users.

Internet Computer (ICP) has Good Tech but Slow Uptake

Internet Computer (ICP) is another project that suffered in the bear market with a price drop from $80 to the current $5.83. Internet Computer (ICP) claims to be a “World Computer blockchain that can host a social network or large enterprise system”. They are effectively saying that they have good tech but no customer for it. However, the project does have some unique technology such as smart contracts that can be opened in your browser.

Internet Computer (ICP) also utilizes a model with gas-free access to free decentralized applications. The project is also hosting NFT projects, but that is a crowded space. Internet Computer (ICP) can benefit from its green credentials with an energy-efficient blockchain and that will be important in the future as companies will select smart contract offerings that are carbon-neutral. ICP and EGLD are two projects that have the potential for the future, but the pace of adoption will need time and the projects have already been handed good valuations.

That is why Uwerx is the top analyst pick to capture gains in 2023—get in on the action by following the links below and stand a chance to win $5,000 along with a 25% purchase bonus (before the price goes up again on Saturday!).






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