MultiversX And Theta Network Investors Jump Ship to Tradecurve Presale, Analysts Predict 30x Gains


In the crypto industry, it is common to innovate in a different manner in order to beat hostile market forces. Token founders and communities try different methods to boost the value of their tokens.

Elrond recently attempted to boost its value by rebranding into MultiversX, meanwhile Theta Network is seeing a short lived rally from hopeful investors. Tradecurve currently in the phase 1 of presale is set to produce a record breaking presale with analysts predicting a 30x-40x increase in value once the presale is completed.


MultiversX is strategically rebranding in a bid to increase its value. MultiversX, formerly Elrond, recently announced that it would be rebranding and it also changed its sole focus to metaverse development, coupled with the introduction of three new products.

MultiverX is moving forward with three metaverse products: xFabric, xPortal, and xtWorlds. The exchange is releasing these products to help creators and users of the metaverse. The tools involve a metaverse portal, creator utilities, digital assets holder, and a deployable blockchain module.

MultiversX is building on the existing Elrond community network and essentially the Elrond blockchain to develop a decentralized domain system and an NFT marketplace. Reports last year showed that blockchain games and metaverse projects raised $1.3 billion in venture capital investments, and MultiversX is looking to latch on this opportunity.

It initially got into a bullish dominance, but as it stands, it seems to be hustling just over the daily price chart. Predicting the current price of MultiversX might be quite tricky, but the onus is on the “Bulls” to wake up to give investors new hope. It is a good move to try and invest in MultiversX, its future is definitely great all things being equal.

Theta Network (THETA)

Theta Network is also one of the tokens that has been predicted to soar over the next bull season. The next bull run is said to power cross-chain protocols and the NFT marketplace. Financial experts are of the opinion that with the Bitcoin halving event, the entire crypto market, including the emerging Theta Network, will undoubtedly react.

Its native token, THETA, powers the Theta Network, and since peaking in 2021, there have been some inconsistencies around its market performance. Theta Network is a blockchain infrastructure dedicated to powering the media and Metaverse Protocols.

It also recently introduced the Metachain, and there are increasing signs that this would result in it showing signs of positivity. Theta Network is definitely on the right course, and you might want to consider adding it to your investment portfolio.

Tradecurve: Paving the Way for Decentralization

Tradecurve is on its way to expanding the frontiers of decentralized finance with its fully developed platform ensuring that users can trade; stocks, shares, currencies, cryptocurrencies and indices all from one account. With its hybrid exchange model, Tradecurve is committed to improving access to trading a wide range of assets. Another key aspect of the Tradecurve platform is privacy with customers not having to submit identification or comple KYC procedures in order to trade.

Tradecurve’s native utility token $TCRV powers the entire Tradecurve ecosystem, holders of $TCRV benefit from several rewards including; automated trading, copy trading, access to trading academies via the metaverse, ability to generate passive income via staking, VIP account status, lower trading and subscription fees.

Tradecurve’s native utility token $TCRV has also been audited by Cyber Scope, whilst a team KYC was carried out by AssureDeFi further providing security and transparency to investors.

With innovation at its heart Tradecurve looks set to shake the financial and cryptocurrency markets, created by three ex-traders this hybrid exchange provides investors from all walks of life an equal opportunity to generate capital from the largest markets in the world.

Financial analysts have predicted that Tradecurve will reach see gains in excess of 5,000% during its presale and 100x when it finally launches. TCRV is currently in stage one presale trading at $0.01, as it stands 90% of the allocated tokens have bought in less than 6 days proving why Tradecurve is a certain buy for all investors.

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