location page seo

If you’re a small mom and pop business, you’ve probably found that local landing pages are the lifeblood of your business online. While it is challenging enough to stay ahead of the game in a one location scenario, it’s a whole other level of a challenge to optimize multi-location landing pages at scale.

Even experienced SEO’s struggle with such a task and it has become a specialization in and of itself. The folks at Wiideman have put together a comprehensive research study as well as an infographic on the subject, guiding you through the process. All of the technical and content based recommendations have been covered, along with a template of the ideal local landing page. Achieving the highly coveted “3 pack” area of search results and Google maps may be a lot of work to attain, but well worth the effort when it comes to visibility, traffic, and sales for your business.

Learn more in the study and visual deep dive below:

Anatomy of a Local Landing Page

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