Moving to the Cloud for an Environmentally Conscious World

moving to the cloud

Many of us hear the phrase moving to the cloud, and we think of technological innovation. Much of different industries have been considering this migration for quite some time now. What’s more is that there is a significant environmental cost to be avoided when moving to the cloud.

Take the financial services industry for example. Every time a credit card is processed or credit check is run, computing resources are adding to the world’s already heavy carbon footprint. There are billions of such financial transactions that occur around the globe daily. The good news is that the financial services industry is on track to cut 692 million metric tons of CO2 by the year 2024. Industry leaders such as Equifax are utilizing Google cloud to bring us into an age of a hopeful, greener future.

Learn more about how moving to the cloud is an environmentally intelligent thing to do in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Equifax.

How the Cloud Can Help Reduce Carbon Emissions for the Financial Services Industry

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