Moss Grows Fast on a Rolling Stone: The Web3 Superfeed for Casual Crypto Fans

CryptoMode Moss Web3 Superfeed

Moss is a curated superfeed for web3. It reaches out to the 90% of users who struggle to engage with the new type of noise that emanates from web3 projects and communities. The stream of sweaty fingered messages in Telegram groups, the turbulent mass of Discord posts, the screech of Crypto Twitter. To crypto-natives, these avenues of discourse are second nature, but to most, they are arcane, inaccessible, and inefficient. 

Moss synthesizes that noise and distills it down into its crucial essence, pushing out community updates to users of the platform in bitesize chunks. Moss’s tech uses bots to gather only the most essential information – NFT launches, minting dates, DAO spending initiatives, community votes – and parses them into an easy-to-read feed that’s tailored to the projects you care about.

How Moss Works to Optimize Web3 News

Moss does this by simply scanning your wallet, spotting which tokens you hold, and automatically delivering updates for those projects in real-time to your Moss feed. The classic newsletter has seen recent uproarious success as a counterpoint to the modern mass of media we daily consume. Users want more curated content. 

Moss collects all the news and announcements issued by web3 communities through their usual channels and then delivers the essentials to a user’s Moss inbox. This inbox is tailored to what a user cares about,, but does not require them to be an enthusiast to find the updates they need.

The issue with current crypto-media is that it is naturally inaccessible to the mainstream. Even worse that brand new users are old users whose interest lapses over time (probably as a bear market is underway) and who can no longer be bothered to keep updated in the saturated crypto content streams of Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. They may read a Medium post now and again, but that still requires the initial effort of searching out what to read.

This problem extends even to projects that a user cares about. They may own some tokens, but roadmaps can be very long. Having to constantly return to a project’s Discord to check for announcements is a hassle – Moss does that for them, boosting casual engagement. It gathers information from communities and projects and delivers them directly to their casual followers.

The Need to Engage Casual Crypto Holders

In the ‘old’ web3, it was about generating hype – maximizing numbers (and numbers alone) to ensure people accept the Discord invite when they get invited. In this next phase of web3, it’s about engagement. It’s ensuring passive users can become active community members. It’s creating better tools for DAOs to meet their communities’ needs and engage them about what they are building and have them participate in governance actively.

Moss is creating a space where users can casually engage with the crypto projects they care about and in doing so become more active members of the communities that they would otherwise neglect, feeding an engagement loop that is mutually beneficial for project and user alike. 

If every casual user can engage as easily as an enthusiast, then DAO networks would spread exponentially as a result. It’s currently a lot of work to keep abreast of multiple projects. Even enthusiasts spend many hours sifting through Discord and Telegram for the latest updates. Moss takes all those obstacles away.

How Moss’ Smart Calendar Makes Keeping Track Easy

Core to this is the smart calendar at the heart of Moss’s feed. Whenever an announcement is made by a community that a user follows or holds a token for, a user’s smart calendar is updated with details of an event. For example, a web3 community may launch its new NFT collection, or have representatives speaking at a major crypto conference. 

With Moss, the event is automatically saved to the calendar, so you can track upcoming schedules. Better yet, on the day itself, you open the calendar, and all the links and information you need to participate – if you choose to – are right there for you. It’s a powerful tool for web3 engagement, as it removes the pain point of remembering when every event is, keeping your own calendar rigorously up to date, and actually noticing the announcement in the first place.

The smart calendar is exportable, so you can integrate it easily with Google calendar or other calendar software that you use, effortlessly integrating your web3 timetable into your life.

The Tools Needed for Adoption

New projects in this space need tools to reach their full potential. For Moss, tools for communities means access for everyone. Projects, DAOs, NFT collections, and more will be able to use Moss to push out select community updates. Crucially, they can choose to share these updates with everyone who follows their community on Moss, or only with token holders. It’s a fast, effective way to contact a community without requiring them to seek the information out themselves. 

Many users on Moss might only follow a few projects they hold tokens for. It means they can use Moss as high-impact daily reading for their web3 activities and act accordingly, using their smart calendar to plan. It cuts down on the noise and the war for attention that so much modern media has become. Moss is a self-curated list of information user’s truly want.

It’s all about helping push users up the slope of engagement by de-alienating much of the web3 experience, but without sacrificing the core that makes web3 the world of innovators and builders. It’s about preserving and rewarding the hardcore enthusiast, but simultaneously boosting the engagement of the casual fan. By delivering them news about projects they care about, and giving them an easy way to interact and organize that content, everyone becomes more involved. Users can post and comment directly in Moss’s social feed, each post acting as a mini-forum for followers to discuss the announcements. It’s more digestible, more accessible, and less noisy: the exact things web3 needs as adoption grows.

Moss’ Beta Now Live for Users

Moss’s beta product is live and ready to use. Users can sign in, be auto-assigned a moss-and-rock profile name, and enjoy their content on their terms. To stress test the project’s core tech, five partner communities are available for users to follow. Moss is starting small, ensuring their engagement engine works, and ironing out the usability tweaks so that the product can full-launch as the ultimate web3 filter for everyone, not just the 10%. A TL;DR machine for web3, with only the information you care about at your fingertips. 

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