More HEX Drama Emerges Over the Christmas Holidays

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The alleged HEX cryptocurrency scam continues to keep the Reddit community on edge. It would appear some of the funds owned by this company has begun making its way to exchanges. 

There have been plenty of allegations regarding HEX.

More Strange Developments Regarding HEX

To this date, it has not been proven to be a scam or fraudulent project. 

That being said, many enthusiasts believe it is a Ponzi Scheme waiting to collapse.

Some of the funds belonging to this company has now begun moving.

That is not abnormal, were it not for the ether balances belonging to investors.

Roughly 770 ETH has found its way to a cryptocurrency exchange, believed to be either Binance or Bitfinex.

Although that isn’t overly worrisome, it creates an uneasy situation.

HEX Still controls over 46,000 ether from other users at this time. 

This momentum comes at  a crucial and somewhat controversial time, however.

In recent weeks, the value of the HEX token has dropped to its lowest point.

Some see that as a sign of how this project is on its last legs.

Combined with some minor amounts of ether moving to exchange, speculation will continue to run wild for some time to come. 

It is worth checking if more funds associated with the HEX addresses changes hands in the weeks to come.

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