More Content Creators Start Earning Revenue Through Brave

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There are exciting times for fans of the Brave browser. The experience can be beneficial to both content creators and internet users alike. One publisher recently received his first BAT payout, further confirming the system actually works as advertised. A rather promising development, although no one is getting rich just yet.

Brave Works as Advertised

There are still a lot of people who doubt the Brave team’s business model. Revamping the internet experience by mixing up advertisements is one thing. Letting content creators earn money from the people who actively engage with their content is something no other browser plans to do in the near future. The system seems to work surprisingly well, as new payments have been processed by Brave in the past week.

Although there is still a long way to go, this is a very promising development. As more content creators see the system is working and payments are being made, the ecosystem can gain more traction accordingly. To make money with a website, operators can explore a wide plethora of options. The Brave browser would not necessarily rank in most people’s top three at this time.

The main selling point is whether or not Brave is more profitable than Google Adsense. For cryptocurrency website, exploring these non-traditional options may very well be worth it in the long run. It is evident the Basic Attention Token ecosystem is still being built up as we speak. Most advertisements are not available yet, and comparing this system to something else seems premature at this point.

Whether or not a lot of other websites will embrace the Brave business model, remains to be determined. There is a good chance this ecosystem will gain more traction over time. Even if it is just an alternative revenue stream, all options need to be explored in these times of advertising competition and smaller monthly revenues. For the cryptocurrency, it is another example of how global this ecosystem really is.

Final Thoughts

There are many options to explore when it comes to Brave, both as a regular user and content creator. The business model seems to be working as advertised, although a major shift in user adoption will not necessarily occur soon. Unless the ads are implemented correctly and more people share their earned tokens with content creators, efforts like these will remain an exception rather than becoming the norm.  

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