MoneroTipsBot Changes the way we Think About Crypto Tipping Services

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Tipbots have always been of keen interest in the cryptocurrency world. They make it easier for users to reward friends or content creators directly.

The recently developed MoneroTipsBot has received official recognition in Canada.

MoneroTipsBot Revamps Crypto Tipping

It is the winner of the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference 2020 Demo Challenge.

Quite a mouthful, but it is important to acknowledge these developments, primarily where privacy coins are concerned. 

Monero has positioned itself as a dominant force among privacy coins, primarily due to its core design.

This on-chain XMR tipping service provides every user with their own private key.

Instead of relying on the availability of the MoneroTipsBot to receive one’s tips, users will always have access to the funds because they own the private key.

It is a very different take on more traditional crypto tipbots. 

This news also brings a lot of positive attention to the Monero ecosystem.

Privacy coins have come under a lot of scrutiny by government and financial watchdogs in recent years.

Despite those “challengers” ecosystems like Monero can continue to advance without skipping a beat.

On-chain settlement of tips is a bit more costly, perhaps, but it also ensures funds will be accessible at all times.

This also means that if a user never “claims” the funds, those XMR will not be brought into circulation again. 

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