Mocktail: New Beverage Trends on the Rise


Let’s face it – the pandemic has been a sobering reality for many of us – and a lonely one at that. Many of the freedoms we took for granted in the not so distant past would sure make us feel better again from a socialization perspective. But let us address an element of going out and peer pressure. Have you ever felt pressured into having some alcoholic drinks socially? You can still have a good time without becoming inebriated – thanks to the rise of non-alcoholic cocktails. These are now better known as the mocktail.

Non-alcoholic beverage trends are a massively growing industry – consider the following sub-categories of functional waters ($18.24 billion), organic beverages ($32.78 billion), coffees (($133.9 billion), teas ($68.95 billion), and alcohol flavors ($19.46 billion) such as ready to drink.

Learn about how a mocktail can help you keep your head while still enjoying the latest beverage trend. The rise of the mocktail is here – see more in the visual deep dive below:

The Rise of the Mocktail

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