MobileGo Price Gains 13% for no Reason Whatsoever

CryptoMode MobileGo Price Surge

As the quest for profitable altcoins continues unabated, one has to wonder if any currency will ever sustain a long uptrend. The year 2018 hasn’t been too promising in this regard, and there is no real change on the horizon either. Despite the looming pressure, MoblileGo price speculators will be more than happy with the way things are going.

MobileGo Price Moves up Again

It has bee a while since people actively discussed the MobileGo price in a positive manner. In fact, there hasn’t been much talk about MGO at all, neither regarding the price or anything else for that matter In most cases, that would lead to plenty of sideways trading, but in the case of MobileGo, things are not necessarily looking all that bad right now.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a notable MobileGo price increase. In fact, there is a 13% gain in USD value, a 14% gain over Ethereum, and a 15% increase in the BTC department. All of these signs show the altcoin is anything but dead, even though there is no real reason for this uptrend at this time.

What is rather remarkable is MobileGo’s trading volume. It doesn’t happen all that often any cryptocurrency has half of its market cap in daily trading volume. This seems to indicate the demand to buy and sell MGO is on the rise. At this time, most of the volume originates from Bitforex and DigiFinex, as both platforms combine for over 78% of all trades.

On social media, there does not appear to be any real excitement for MobileGo. That is rather interesting, especially when considering this sold price increase all across the board. One would expect such developments to spark debates and excitement, but it seems everybody is looking at other things. Cryptocurrency certainly has lost some allure in 2018.

Aave is the only individual trying to generate some buzz for MobileGo. This user wants to see MGO listed on the Ethlend platform. While that is a commendable effort, there clearly is no genuine demand for MGO other than for speculative purposes. That doesn’t mean the project can’t succeed in the long run, but for now, it is below most people’s radar.

With all of these gains across the board, one would expect the uptrend to turn into a correction fairly soon. Whether or not that will be the fate of the MobileGo price, is difficult to predict first and foremost. It is always a possibility, but these markets have become even more unpredictable throughout 2018. As such, all bets are off.

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