Mobile game app development trends and ideas to follow in 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned tech fan who loves to follow trends or you’ve just stepped into the world of gaming and apps, you may be surprised at just how popular mobile game app development has become – and how prevalent it will be in the coming years.

There are more and more developers both in the U.S. and worldwide who present something unique and valuable almost every day, including companies from Dallas mobile app development.

An increasing number of users contribute to mobile app development growth. It’s estimated that mobile games represent 42% of the total gaming market.

But before we know all the trends and fresh ideas that users can expect to see in 2023, let’s get an overview of the mobile game application market.

The Total Overview of the Mobile Game App Market

In 2022, mobile game apps are calculated to generate more than $100 billion in revenue. Compared with the total amount from 2020, which was $72 billion, it is a giant leap, and the mobile gaming app is expanding.

Also, there are more than 2.7 billion mobile gamers worldwide: up from 2.6 billion in 2020.

One of the main reasons for its massive growth is that the millions of people staying home during the global pandemic naturally turned to additional ways to entertain themselves.

Thus, mobile games have become the number one source of entertainment for many people.

Besides that, games nowadays have become more realistic, immersive, social, and thus more engaging. Gamers of all ages and preferences are increasingly adoring and playing these games daily.

In addition, mobile gaming has become more interactive and fun, making gamers socialize on popular social platforms where they can strategize with each other.

Better monetization of games in general

Mobile game developers have ultimately become better at making profits from their games. Both advertising and in-game purchases have become a new reality, resulting in additional revenue for developers.

Besides famous mobile game genres, educational and casual games have become more popular. Gamers expect additional genres of games to emerge, such as voice-controlled and augmented reality games.

It’s evident that the mobile game app market’s future is very bright, so we can expect numerous exciting and innovative games to be released.

So, what are the top mobile game app development trends and ideas for 2023?

Augmented Reality games

For the entire gaming industry, augmented reality games look the most promising.

Gamers can observe and access all of the visuals and content of AR games in real time, combining game images and auditory content.

Keep in mind that AR gaming is the opposite of virtual reality gaming, which usually needs a huge space to generate an immersive environment.

AR gaming utilizes the surrounding environment for playing field development.

Blockchain-based games

Due to the increasing usage of solid data encryption technologies, it’s no wonder that Blockchain has altered all the gaming rules. It has resulted in the reinvention of gaming as a viable industry.

Blockchain technology has enabled organizations to safeguard their apps in a highly secure environment.

The most significant advantage of it is preventing hackers from damaging online transactions.

With blockchain technology usage, all in-game buying will be safer and done more securely.

By switching from a Pay2Win to a Play2Earn environment, developers’ security will also be improved. It’s another trend for the year 2023, for sure!

Wearable gaming

Another expected mobile game app development trend for 2023 is wearable gaming. This refers to all electronic gadgets that can be worn, including sensors that can transmit, process, and gather all data.

Typical examples of wearable gaming are rings, wristbands, and smartwatches.

Even though these types of mobile game apps are usual in the fitness industry, they’re also expected to be used for entertainment more frequently.

For instance, more wearable assets will be designed to help gamers perform better and stay on task.

Cross-platform gaming

Cross-platform gaming is another upcoming mobile game app trend expected to expand in 2023.

This trend will allow players to play games with anyone they choose on any device.

Gamers can compete and also cooperate across all the leading gaming platforms.

Nowadays, what type of game you play and with whom you are playing it are more important than the platform you choose.

So, it’s crucial for developers to enable cross-platform gaming wherever possible.

eSports gaming

As expected, eSports will also be another notable trend in 2023. It’s known worldwide as competitive gaming for sports fans and professional gamers.

Games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and League of Legends are some of the most beloved ones worldwide.

Across the globe, there are millions of devoted eSports fans that adore watching and following these games via TV, online tools, or live.

Since 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of eSports only continues to rise.

Users may watch their favorite players play in real-time through streaming platforms like Twitch.

Even post-pandemic, the popularity of eSports is still increasing. In-game app development is expected to be influenced by eSports in the future years, cementing eSports’ status as a significant factor in the mobile gaming industry.

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