MMORPG Ember Sword Completes Successful First-Ever Land Sale on Polygon


San Juan, Puerto Rico, 30th May, 2021,

“Ember Sword – a Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG game, has successfully completed its first land sale on Polygon, raising a whopping USD $1.5M”

Bright Star Studios, a top gaming studio which recently secured $2 million from top tier investors such as Dialectic, Mechanism Capital and Delphi Digital, sold out its first ever land sale on Polygon with 11,983 land plots sold on Polygon (previously Matic Network) in just seven hours. The land sale marks the first native land sale on Polygon and illustrates the demand for gaming and NFT’s in the Polygon ecosystem as well as the quality of developers that Polygon has attracted in the gaming industry.

Bright Star Studios was founded by games industry veterans such as Joris Huijbregts, Mark Laursen, Sage Durain, and Loren Roosendaal. The team’s background is diverse, consisting of a passionate team of World Champions, Game Industry Veterans, Award-Winning Venture Founders, MMO fanatics, and former Pro-Players carving a new path forward for MMOs across PC, Browser, and Mobile. The studio has disrupted the traditional pay-to-win gaming model and allows players to earn rewards through in-game activities. 

Ember Sword is Bright Star Studios next-gen flagship project and is being built as a love letter to MMORPG gamers. Players will find all the things they expect from an immersive MMORPG, including free-form sandbox gameplay, a deep lore rich world, classless combat, PvP and PvE, a player-driven economy, scarce tradeable cosmetics, an artist workshop for community generated NFTs, awesome character skill progression and an AI manager that directs gameplay to enhance the player experience. 

Ember Sword was the first land sale on Polygon (previously Matic Network), for which the company had opened 11,983 plots from the in-game nation of Solarwood which helped gain interest from 1800 new landowners. Using Polygon, a high-speed, low gas infrastructure, buyers were able to purchase plots without excessive gas costs.

Evidenced by the immense interest demonstrated via Twitch, the land plots sold out within 7 hours from the start of the sale resulting in a USD 1.5M worth of land sold. 

The live stream attracted more than 1224 peak viewers on Twitch, with immense interest from the Ember Sword community.

This will be the first of many Ember Sword land sales to be conducted on Polygon, and many more plots in the game will be made available via upcoming sales.


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