Missed Out On Pepe and Shiba Inu Surge? Here Comes Everlodge


The memecoin surge in Q2 was a breath of fresh air for the crypto market. Pepe made headlines after quickly becoming one of the largest memecoins, while Shiba Inu soared. However, both Pepe and Shiba Inu are on a downward spiral.

Pepe’s value has started to decrease, and Shiba Inu’s burning efforts are failing to produce results. As a result, experts believe that it could be too late to profit from either project. Everlodge, however, has caught the attention of experts. With revolutionary potential, analysts believe that Everlodge could quickly become a top project when its presale begins.

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Everlodge Could Offer Higher Returns Than Memecoins

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Everlodge is the world’s first blockchain property marketplace. Using Everlodge, investors will have the opportunity to purchase fractional ownership of hotels, luxury villas and vacation homes.

With the market for vacation properties increasing by 4.6% annually, Everlodge could be a huge opportunity for new investors. In the current market, many investors are often priced out of holiday rentals. However, fractional ownership will lower the barriers to entry.

To buy fractions, a holiday property is first listed as an NFT. Investors can then buy NFT fractions that represent a percentage of the property. For example, a $2 million property could be sold in 10 $200,000 fractions.

This process is significantly more streamlined than traditional processes, and all data is kept on the blockchain to prevent unnecessary hassle.

Investors who purchase Everlodge tokens during its presale will profit from several price increases. These increases are guaranteed by Everlodge’s dynamic pricing model, which will ensure that ELDG will increase during each phase of its presale.

The Everlodge presale will start at $0.01 per token. Tokens are predicted to increase by at least 280%, which, alongside a number of rewards, has made Everlodge a no-brainer.

These rewards include staking opportunities, discounts throughout the Everlodge ecosystem, and free nightly stays in hotels and villas inside the Everlodge ecosystem for investors who join the projects reward club. These stays can be sold through third-party platforms for a passive income or enjoyed as a free holiday.

Shiba Inu Token Burning Fails To Influence SHIB Value

Shiba Inu has increased in value by 9.83% in the last five days. This increase has been triggered by a positive market trend, with Shiba Inu becoming one of the best performing memecoins.

However, despite Shiba Inu’s burn rates increasing by over 100%, many investors believe that more tokens must be burned to influence Shiba Inu’s value. This puts greater demand on the Shiba Inu community to burn their tokens.

Nonetheless, the Shiba Inu community remains dedicated to burning tokens. With Shibarium set to be released in 2023, community members and experts believe that Shiba Inu will rally. Therefore, those in circulation after burning could hit new highs.

Pepe’s Value Crashes As Trading Activity Falls

Although many investors believed that Pepe could become the next big memecoin, many are starting to doubt this prediction. In the past week, Pepe’s daily trading volume has fallen from $135 million to $73 million, with Pepe hitting a monthly trading low of $41,457 on the 29th of July.

This decrease in trading activity has caused Pepe’s value to decline. In the last 24 hours Pepe decreased by 2.42%. Pepe is now trading at $0.000001294. With no signs of increasing, experts believe that Pepe’s value is likely to fall further in August. As a result, Everlodge is looking like a significantly better investment.

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