the benefits of tokenization and kickstarting your own success


No matter what kind of project you are working on or you wanted to start over the last couple of years, the pandemic probably affected your plans and like yourself, there has been a lot of people dealing with the same predicament.

Most of them, who were trying to make the transition from a regular job to an independent venture, are now sadly stuck not knowing what to do or how to get their ideas and dreams going. presents itself as a solution for this, as it allows you to create your own token based on crypto technology, and handle the funding of your project yourself through it. This token serves as a representation of your idea and allows you to monetize or crowdfund whatever endeavor you wanted to kickstart, now more than ever.

Deciding what your token provides for your supporters

One of the most common and basic uses of your MintMe token would be treating it like a regular currency, just to pay for services or for a product you offer to the people around you. Using it this way would give you the opportunity to offer discounts or even some kind of promotion which would incentivize your following to buy your token and also interact with you and the community surrounding it. empowers creators to monetize their fame and their talent by themselves, promote what they do, and reap the benefits without having to deal with any intermediary. No one knows your audience and what they value the most, better than yourself, MintMe lets you create a cryptocurrency which hands you the opportunity to give your fans a small portion of an idea or service they love, each and every single one of your tokens held by your community, represent their trust for you and what you do.

Trading and independence

These are 2 of the main features you can take advantage of when crowdfunding with MintMe rather than with traditional methods. MintMe allows supporters to earn back on the success of your project, this means people can support you like they could with any traditional crowdfunding campaign but as they become token holders, they could monetize this, if your idea catches on, and turns out to be successful in the future.

Your token can be resold and users can let other traders buy it for different prices speculating in the market and reaping the benefits, services, and products that you offer personally for your token holders.

People can also list MintMe tokens on other trading and exchange environments, and they can get paid for their tokens using different platforms which encourages independence and autonomy.

Through MintMe tokens, anyone can choose what is the path their campaigns will take, whether that means to raise a little or a lot of money or if you want to instead do it for an individual, a business project, or even for charitable causes.

MintMe lets you decide how to monetize your success.

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