Mint Square NFT Marketplace To Shut Down Unexpectedly

CryptoMode Mint Square Closure

In a surprising announcement, the Mint Square NFT marketplace has declared that it will cease operations by the end of June. The decision, communicated via Twitter on June 6, has sparked intrigue in the digital asset community. The reasoning behind the closure remains undisclosed, leaving speculation to point toward a possible struggle with insufficient traction.

The Countdown to Closure

On the dawn of June 30, Mint Square’s virtual trading floor will fall silent, halting all trading services indefinitely. Transactions for buying and selling will persist up to this specified date, after which trading will come to a complete halt. Despite the circulating rumors, the team at Mint Square has not elucidated the circumstances leading to this abrupt cessation.

The enigma surrounding Mint Square’s closure has stirred assumptions about a potential struggle with subpar performance. This theory is not unfounded, considering several NFT marketplaces have folded recently due to dwindling traction.

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In February, the renowned NFT marketplace of WazirX, shut down due to underperformance. Simultaneously, Solana’s NFT marketplace, Formfunction, closed its virtual doors. Similarly, CNN, a broadcasting giant, abandoned its ambitious NFT project late in the previous year.

The Technological Edge of Mint Square

Mint Square, a unique NFT marketplace, operates on the Ethereum layer-2, ZK-rollups-based networks, such as StarkNet and zkSync Era. This technological architecture offers a significant advantage; being on a layer-2 network allows NFTs on Mint Square to be transacted at lower costs and faster confirmation times.

Its top collections feature Stark Agents, Starkpunks, and StarkRock, indicating the platform’s notable collaborations and market diversity.

A Twist in the Tale: Bot Activity

Further intrigue surrounding Mint Square’s imminent closure comes from a statement made by the Argent wallet team. The team hinted at some trouble in paradise, stating that the NFT marketplace had suspended minting due to suspected bot activity.

In contrast to the closure of the Mint Square NFT marketplace, the broader NFT market shows signs of resilience. Though it is far from its apex in volume, there have been promising developments in recent months suggesting an improving market landscape.


The closure of Mint Square is a stark reminder of the volatility and unpredictability inherent in the rapidly evolving NFT marketplace. As we delve into the mystery of its closure, we wonder what the future holds for this dynamic sector. 

Amidst these closures and uncertainties, the resilience of the broader NFT market provides some reassurance of its potential for growth and adaptation.


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