miniZ Enables Zilliqa (ZIL) Dual Mining Rewards For Supported Altcoins

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There used to be a time when merge mining, or dual mining, was a go-to option. Bitcoin miners could earn additional currency while securing the world’s leading crypto network. That practice has fallen out of favor, although projects like miniZ still provide viable options. 

Mining cryptocurrency remains an appealing option for those with the right hardware. While Bitcoin and Litecoin require ASICs and Ethereum has transitioned to proof-of-stake, many networks still rely on proof-of-work. Depending on their consensus algorithm, it may be possible to mine with a GPU, CPU, or through free hard drive space. The options are virtually limitless, even if it means dealing with some more “obscure” currencies.

With the help of miniZ, altcoin miners can explore various options and combinations. The project is a software client for mining Equihash, Ethash, ProgPoW, and Octopus-based currencies with NVIDIA or AMD cards. That also includes support for the various “offspring” based on those algorithms, like ZelHash, KawPoW, etc. It is a great opportunity for altcoin mining enthusiasts to support their favorite network.

In a new update, miniZ – which runs on Windows and Linux – received support for Zilliqa (ZIL). That means any pool supporting this project can offer miners additional rewards. For instance, one can dual mine Ethereum Classic and Zilliqa, ZIL and UBQ (with LTC rewards), Flux and Zilliqa, etc. There are many different options, depending on the pool one wants to choose.

Although Zilliqa’s ZIL isn’t the most valuable cryptocurrency – currently near $0.031 per token – it is a welcome extra reward. Miners always need to make ends meet, which can be tricky. Maximizing income from mining is essential. That means collecting any extra reward one can get. Unfortunately, that may also drive the ZIL price down further if more miners explore this option. 

A recent video by The Mining KiiNG shows how easy it is to dual mine Flux and ZIL. Once the software is pointed at the right pool, it doesn’t require too much technical know-how. Keep in mind that, despite the different algorithms (ZelHash is based on Equihash, whereas Zilliqa uses Ethash). one setup will do the trick. The pool supporting this dual mining approach is set up to work with miniZ, allowing for a smooth overall process. 


It is good to see altcoin mining remains popular. Moreover, miniZ makes the entire setup process much more accessible and straightforward. The software’s UI is very clean and easy to navigate. Switching pools is very easy, and the integration of ZIL rewards creates an extra revenue source. The concept of dual mining is still alive in 2023, even if most people aim to mine bigger coins like Dogecoin, Monero, etc. 

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