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MiningNetwork Dethrones Splinterlands As The Second-Largest P2E Blockchain Game

The blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and evolve at every turn. Games that once dominated the industry are losing traction, and new titles have come to the forefront. MiningNetwork, a relatively new title on the WAX blockchain, continues to build strong momentum. 

MiningNetwork Offers Free NFTs

One of the primary users people favor certain blockchain games over others is whether they need to make an upfront investment. The majority of play-to-earn titles require users to buy one or multiple NFTs to begin playing and earning. MiningNetwork, built on the WAX blockchain, takes a contrarian approach. Its free-to-play nature comes with a free NFT for all players, enabling them to tap into the play-to-earn mechanics without investment. 

One may think this would immediately lead to inflation and a declining value of in-game assets. That is not the case, as MiningNetwork’s extracted game resources d not represent the issued number of tokens. Game resources will increase as the number of players increases, but the number of game tokens issued will keep decreasing. It is an interesting approach to excessive inflation ruining many P2E titles in the past. 

To begin playing, users will need a WAX Cloud Wallet. That wallet is similar to how Metamask provides access to DApps, games, and DeFi across various blockchains. Once users visit the MiningNetwork website and log in, they can create an account through a Windows 98-style menu. After setting up the account, users head to the “My Asics” section and start staking YOLASIC assets. Additionally, users who hold WAX coins can acquire more ASICS through the AtomicHub marketplace.

All players earn shares from day one, which can be used to upgrade one’s yOLASIC to increase its mining power. Earning shares and upgrading ASICS will is a simple system that provides tremendous upgrade potential. However, players can also sell shares for BTK tokens through the built-in exchange. Those BTK tokens can be converted to other cryptocurrencies once trading platforms roll out support for it. 

Explosive Growth Is Impressive

The ongoing growth of MiningNetwork is fairly intriguing. The past month has yielded over 828,000 users and 23.24 million transactions. Interestingly, these are both increases by over 100,000%, although that s normal for a relatively new platform. Sustaining this growth, however, will prove rather tricky. The free-to-play approach certainly seems appealing, even if the BTK token is not listed on major trading platforms yet. 

Furthermore, MiningNetwork is another blockchain game on WAX that has succeeded in recent months. The current top 5 blockchain games have four projects built on WAX, including Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and Farmers World. Upland, on EOS, is the only exception in this regard.  

It is good to see builders focus on other chain that provide benefits to them and the players, something Ethereum and BNB Chain don’t always provide. 

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