Mining TRON’s SUN DeFi Asset may Become Possible With Bitcoin Soon

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TRON’s DeFi ecosystem seems to be advancing rather nicely. The recently introduced asset SUN is getting ample support. Adding more assets to create extra mining pools will be the next order of business.

Advancing SUN Mining Pool Liquidity

For the time being, users can mint this DeFi token by staking TRON’s native TRX token into a liquidity mining pool.

This concept has received plenty of community support from day one, and keeps attracting more attention.

Ultimately the goal is to make SUN “mineable” through cross-chain liquidity.

Several non-TRC10 or non-TRC20 tokens and assets are being observed to extend current SUN mining liquidity.

Of those assets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin would all make rather interesting additions.

Supporting Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and STEEM may not necessarily prove worthwhile, but are still being considered.

There is no guarantee any of these assets will be used to activate cross-chain mining in the future. 

Several TRC10 and TRC20 tokens are being explored as well, including Pearl, JFI, and DICE.

Evaluating the eligible assets depends on their listing on JustSwap, audited code, active community, and compatibility with TRON’s value proposition. 

Mining SUN tokens allows users to help develop TRON’s DeFi ecosystem, but it remains a social experiment.


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