Mining Monero Becomes Possible With the HTC Exodus Smartphone

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There has been an influx of companies building blockchain-oriented smartphones. The HTC Exodus, for example, is a very intriguing device, and it will soon allow for the mining of Monero.

It is very uncommon to mine cryptocurrencies with a mobile device.

A Different Adventure for HTC Exodus Owners

While it is certainly possible to do so, it is often advised not to engage in this activity.

Most well-known crypto assets cannot be mined on mobile, albeit there are some exceptions.

Monero, for example, has always been oriented at being mined with regular computer hardware.

As smartphones evolved and became more powerful, they seemingly become a welcome addition to the mix.

HTC at least seems to think that this is an option worth exploring.

Through its HTC Exodus device, users will be able to mine Monero directly.

All of this will be unlocked through a new application called DeMiner.

In terms of further decentralizing mining Monero, this is an intriguing development no one really expected.

It is also a further commitment by HTC to bringing cryptocurrency adoption to a bigger audience. 

How successful this new option will prove to be, remains to be determined.

Everything depends on how efficient the mining of Monero will occur through the DeMiner application, as that will determine if there is a reason to explore this option.

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