Millionero garnering attention as the simplest crypto exchange in South East Asia, after Europe

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At the Crypto Expo Asia 2023 event held in Singapore recently, Millionero was crowned the prestigious award of the best crypto exchange. This is truly a remarkable feat, especially when you consider how new the exchange is!

Millionero aims to be the simplest exchange for beginners in crypto, so their objective is to make the learning curve for crypto trading as low and as simple as possible for those new in crypto trading. The exchange started out their journey in select European countries, and now they’re gradually spreading out in South East Asia and the Middle East, with plans to go global pretty soon!

So, what are the many qualities of Millionero that’s drawing in especially beginner crypto users in hoards? In this post, we shine a spotlight on them!

What Makes Millionero the Best Crypto Platform Chosen by Beginners?

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Millionero comes with a very simplified and decluttered user interface that feels like a breath of fresh air, especially after you’ve seen how jam-packed the interfaces of some of the bigger global exchanges can be. Millionero being chosen as the best crypto exchange at Singapore Crypto Expo Asia 2023 is very telling of how the correct approach to make the crypto space more diverse and inclusive is to provide an atmosphere where people can learn and take their time with crypto trading, and not one where beginners would be falling behind just for not knowing crypto-specific jargon.

Millionero is not out to compete against any of the existing exchanges for experienced crypto traders; their sole objective is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for beginners in the crypto trading sector. As the Millionero CEO Suleman Kazim stated in his address post the acceptance of the award of the best crypto platform at Singapore Crypto Expo, “…. We are not competing for the same piece of the pie; we are only targeting new people. We are very proud to say that our platform is the simplest exchange you can go to for your crypto trading and investing activities!”

So, what is Millionero doing right when it comes to welcoming crypto beginners to their platform? The answer lies with the multiple features they have added to their platform keeping newcomers to crypto trading in mind.

Now, let’s move on to exploring said features:

  • First up is the sign up process, which only requires you to put in your email id and a strong password to create an account on Millionero! Therefore, there is no lengthy process you need to go through.
  • After signing up, you do need to complete a mandatory KYC on Millionero to start crypto trading, so they also take robust measures to ensure the security of your personal information and funds on the Millionero platform.
  • The Millionero spot market only features the essentials and doesn’t bombard you with a wide array of information a beginner wouldn’t know what to make of. They only list:
  • The current price for your chosen crypto,
  • The market highs and lows in a specified period of time, and
  • The trading volume in both cryptocurrencies in the pair you have chosen

  • The Millionero perpetual market similarly shows only the essentials, which would be:
  • Balance
  • Equity
  • Open profit and loss, and
  • The leverage you take out on your existing deposit

  • Millionero offers a copy trading feature, which allows beginners to conveniently follow and replicate the crypto trading strategies of top traders. By mimicking the trades of experienced professionals, users can gain valuable insights and potentially generate profits while simultaneously learning the ropes of crypto trading.

Even experienced traders benefit from this feature, earning a 5% share of the trading fees paid by their followers!

  • The Millionero platform further offers a lucrative referral program designed to provide novice traders with the opportunity to earn significant returns beyond their own crypto trading activities. Upon registration, users receive a unique referral code that they can share with their friends and contacts. Your direct referrals can advance to tier 1 in the five-tier program, and each subsequent referral of your tier 1 people are then placed in levels 2 to 5!

This tiered structure enables users to potentially earn up to 55% of the trading fees Millionero generates from their referrals. There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be invited, and referred users enjoy a 10% discount on spot and perpetual trading fees when they utilize the referrer’s code!

  • The Millionero platform provides users with the opportunity to utilize the Millionero Perpetual Max feature in the perpetuals market. This feature enables users to borrow up to 100 times the value of their initial deposits for trading perpetuals. Additionally, users have the flexibility to deposit collateral in any of the supported cryptocurrencies, expanding beyond the traditional options of USD or USDT.

Further, Millionero sets your default leverage at 3x so as a beginner, you don’t take out too much leverage beyond your risk tolerance. In case your leverage is 80x or beyond, you even get a hedging option that opens a reverse position for you in the perpetuals market to keep your position from getting liquified in case of a sudden turn in the prices!

  • What’s more, Millionero offers you several options for easy withdrawals and deposits in both crypto and fiat money, so users don’t need to worry about multiple currency conversions while performing either of these activities!

All these features say more than enough about why Millionero has been chosen as the best crypto platform by users in Europe, South Asia, and even in the Middle East now!

Sign up on Millionero and start crypto trading today! You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for exciting updates of new features and market expansion!


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